Rhinoplasty: How it Could Change Your Life


The truth about nose shape, size and orientation is that it can change your look entirely if only the slightest modification is made. We want our patients to know that everyone is unique and these differences aren’t always necessary to modify but we also support your decision to make these changes you have been thinking about for years. Because the nose is at the centre of the face, it can displace other naturally beautiful attributes so many of our patients that come in for a rhinoplasty consultation want to know how it can change their lives. Rhinoplasty can make a big difference for many after just a small recovery time.

What can we change with rhinoplasty?

Size: During your consultation for rhinoplasty, we ask our patients what they think about the size of their nose. We offer the first suggestions to come from you so that we can provide our expert opinion on what’s the best option. We can modify the size of your nose to start by restructuring the cartilage and narrowing the bridge as well as the look of the nostrils. Internally, Dr Gerarchi will add some incisions to the nose and attach sutures that will help pull the nose in and narrow the width.

Often, there is a shaving of the cartilage to reduce the overall size. Many patients can’t believe how they look after this slight change as it can make other features seem proportioned. The nostrils often make the nose appear larger than it is but when we reduce their width, this too can contribute to reducing size overall.

Shape: Patients that have a downturned nose, where the tip hooks downward, notice a significant change in their facial expressions and profile most of all. The entire face appears lifted, showing off your natural youthful eyes, lips and bone structure. Our patients look and feel much happier when they know their nose looks the way they wish. The nose can look fine and thin after this procedure. Your eyes will look brighter, lips fuller and facial balance is restored with rhinoplasty.

Airflow: This is one thing many people don’t think about until they are sure they have issues sleeping at night or breathing as they go about their daily activities. When the nostrils are offset or are far too narrow at the opening, many patients will notice they have trouble breathing. This can be due to injury as well, which we can correct. Should you require testing for sleep apnea, we can check on this concern.

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