QUESTION: Has the bond of trust---the doctor patient relationship---been broken by mass marketing to plastic surgery patients?


Can patients believe what they cannot see? Ultherapy® for the BODY is an area I helped innovate starting in 2011. It reminds me of fat grafting. Both provide benefits now as well as anti-aging benefits for the future. When I started doing fat grafting in the early 90’s few had heard about it, and those who did were highly skeptical and did not trust it. Simply put, they were talked out of doing the procedure by other physicians who knew little about fat grafting and by patients who championed what they knew and had done. Looking back now it is clear that fat grafting was just ahead of its time. It is now mainstream as a stem cell and an anti-aging natural volumizer. Those who underwent fat grafting in the early 90’s won by still looking good to this day. Ultherapy® and Profound® for the body I feel may be quite similar. Again, I may be a bit too ahead of my time. The clinical effects are slow and therefore sometimes not appreciated by the patient until they forget about it. Some patients can take a year or more to gain the full clinical effects---Mother Nature works at her own pace. Yet what many patients are not seeing is the rejuvenation and anti-aging that comes with these procedures, often preventing surgeries in the future much as facial fat grafting can prevent face-lifting when done early enough. I am looking for an objective way to measure improvement in the skin and its support system, therefore, we can both track the improvement as well as help restore the trust between doctor and patient before these techniques become center stage just as fat grafting has……….
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