Plastic Surgeon Reviews Fonda's Prime Time as Proactive In the Negotiable Aspects of Aging


If ever there was a woman who could reinvent herself at every age it would be Jane Fonda. She has just released her new autobiographical book of wit and wisdom entitled Prime Time. For Jane, her prime is being in the moment and that moment for her is at 70, Act III of her life. She has always strived to be her best self at every phase of life.

"Prime Time" is a look back at how Ms. Fonda recognized that she wanted different things at different decades. She came to learn that she pursued her dreams most happily when she took charge by making informed decisions. She reminds us of the adage that "luck is where opportunity meets preparation,”

As she enters her late life, Act III, she explores how much of aging is negotiable. Can we maximize our health and happiness by the choices we make.  Jane has eleven ingredients she recommends for being proactive about the quality of one's life. She details healthy habits regarding diet and exercise.

She advocates life long learning, strong friendships, and connection to
Larger causes. She speaks openly about her own goal of increasing her ability to be present in her own body, to experience her body with self empathy. She talks about how plastic surgery for her was a proactive way of embracing embodiment, getting comfortable in her body. At 72, Jane had surgery on her jawline and eyes to look and feel her best for her third act. She gives the analogy that aging is a bit like martial arts. When the force comes you don't oppose it, you just try to guide it. Jane Fonda is a gentle guide for all of us facing the force of time.

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