I like them to choose for themselves. I like them to come with an open mind without numbers or measurements in mind. I like them to try on sizes in front of a mirror without knowing the numbers at first, and I want them just to get an idea where their comfort zone is. When they get to a look that they like, something that they think matches their waist and hips, then we take out the implants. We look at the numbers. We take some chest wall measurements. Then we pull out the chart of the various sizes that are available and fine tune it. If that don't work for you automatically, we alter the profile or some variable about it, but I think coming with an open mind is really important to getting a good result.

Breast Implant Sizing: Why One Surgeon Doesn't Want You to Know the Size (at First)

Dr. Mary Lee Peters explains the sizing process for a breast augmentation, as well as the state of mind she prefers her patients to be in when they step into her office.