Open Rhinoplasty versus Closed Rhinoplasty


A very common question that my patients ask me is whether it is better to have an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty.  Some surgeons talk about open rhinoplasty as being a better approach because there is better exposure and they can do more detailed work. Other surgeons claim that closed rhinoplasty is better because there is no scar and the healing is faster.



Here is the truth. Neither one is “better”. Although there are a thousand questions, comments, posts, blogs entries, and articles on this topic, it really is not a true issue.


The real answer is that for some procedures a closed approach might be better and for other procedures an open procedure might be more appropriate.  The scar associated with an open rhinoplasty, when performed by an expert surgeon, is negligible.


The scar is almost never, ever a concern or issue. What is an issue is the result. Your surgeon needs to be able to use either option to give you THE BEST RESULT. If that means doing the surgery open, then it should be done open! If that means it can be done just as well closed, then it should be done closed!

My main message is that focus on what you want to achieve, and whether your surgeon can produce the result for you. Don’t focus on whether it is open or closed—there are much, much more important factors to consider.

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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon