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  • Modern Expectations For a Nose Job: "It's All About Balance"
This is the thing about rhinoplasty, it's not attracting feature, it's a balancing feature. It's not a good thing that people are coming up to you and saying, "Wow, who did your nose? Was it Dr. Asaria?" That's never a good thing. We want our nose to balance the rest of our facial features and be harmonious with the rest of our face and how do we do that, we don't want to over-exact. We don't want to take bridges down and have that scoopy look. It is no longer good. It was good in 1980's Miami, it is no longer good today. Secondly, most of our patients especially in Toronto which is a very multi-cultural city, they are all different ethnic backgrounds. A one size fits all approach definitely doesn't work. It's not my job to say, "This is the perfect nose and this is what we want to give you." First step is listening to what you want, what things are detracting, looking out what brings out the balance and keeping that results and still in keeping with your ethnicity, your background, your personality.

People are starting to be much more involved in their consultation and their planning for the rhinoplasty. The days when they came in and it was my job to say, "This is how your nose should look" are over. We use a lot of more sophisticated techniques like digital imaging. So we'll take your photos, we'll look at them together, we'll say, "These are the things that stand out, these are the things that are slightly out of balance." And we will really look at how those changes will impact the nose. So it's not so much a mystery anymore. It's not like we're taking the cast off and our patients just totally surprised with, you know, is it good, is it bad. Really from before in the planning and the consultation were really determining what's going to be right for the patient.

Modern Expectations For a Nose Job: "It's All About Balance"

When considering a rhinoplasty, Dr. Jamil Asaria explains what the modern expectations are for their new nose.