The difference between a mini face lift and a traditional face lift, the real difference is how much work we're doing during that surgery. A mini face lift maybe great for somebody who's 37 or 40. There's minimal tissue sagging or it just needs a little tiny tuck up. For most people, we're doing a little bit more of a thorough face lift and that's a deep plain face lift where we're repositioning the tissues of the face and I really tell my patients, a face lift is not about pulling. It's not about pulling that skin or tightening that skin back into position. It's about repositioning that tissue in a more natural balance place.

It does not, so that's the key thing. A mini face lift and a true face lift have different amounts of longevity. Whatever we do, we don't want to do a surgery that's going to last for a year and a year put you back in the same position. We're going to take that time to really do something surgical because again we have a lot of non-surgical options today as well. But if we're going to do something surgical where we really want to produce a dramatic change, then a true traditional face lift is usually the way to go for most of my patients.

Facelifts Are Tailered to the Patient, So Trust Your Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jamil Asaria notes that while there are "lunchtime facelifts" that may be tempting, the surgeon should really choose the best option for the patient's needs.