New System for Sizing Your Breast Implant Choice


New System for Sizing Your Breast Implant Choice



One of the biggest concerns for women  planning a breast augmentation is how to select the implant volume that will most closely match the outcome they are hoping for.  If your surgeon does all the choosing without having you participate in the decision, the chance for unhappiness is high.  If you decide for yourself without turning to your surgeon’s experienced advice an inappropriate choice is also likely.  Good communication is essential between surgeon and patient.

My office has just started using a new sizing method called the Mentor Volume Sizing Technique.  The new shape of the sizer helps to realistically preview the breast size that you will be.  In the past I have had women “try on “ the implant size they were evaluating by placing it in their bra and viewing it with clothes on.  The implants, intended to go beneath the breast did not give as accurate a prediction of size because it did not conform to the breast when sitting on top.

The Mentor Volume Sizing System has 18 uniquely shaped sizers that fit over the natural breast. They have been designed to give a good approximation of what the real implant might look like when inside the body under the pectoral muscle and breast.  They can simulate an increase in size from 50 cc to 775 cc.

If you are having trouble figuring out the best choice for your frame and your desired new size, come let us help you make that determination.

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