In the Media: Courtney Cox Dissolving Facial Fillers


Hi, Dr Murray here. Just had some thoughts to share with you all on RealSelf about celebrity 'Friends' star Courtney Cox, who has been in the news lately for revealing she is natural again after choosing to have all her fillers dissolved. 

The actress told New Beauty magazine last year she was unhappy about how she looked after getting the injections last year.

"I've had all my fillers dissolved... I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was (before adjustments)". 

My thoughts are - that’s fair enough, although you really do need to make these decisions and be informed and make the correct decision for the correct reason. I often see people, especially in the media or celebrities, that have been over filled or had a poor job done, usually because they are a secret ambassador for a brand or something like that. And you do think to yourself “what’s gone on?” and I think sometimes what the problem is that they are under so much pressure to look wonderful and they push it too far.

Michael Jackson is a very good example of this and possibly his doctor kept taking his fee off him and doing whatever he asked. More likely though these people “doctor shop”. They go to different doctors and get then to do more and more and more without them realising their history and their psychiatric or psychological history and realise that they’ve got a problem.

Back to Courtney, I think basically it is unwise to dissolve all your fillers. I think you should just back off, let them settle down and slowly and subtly improve the hollowness or the problems in your face that you want to improve. Going to the extremes of dissolving everything is not good for your face.

If you are considering this come and discuss it with us and we will go through it with you. If you have been to a clinic who has over filled you or done a poor job, come and tell us also and we can give you some good advice. And if you think that we have over filled you or done a poor job, please let us know. We are always here to help.

Be careful about dissolving all the fillers out of your face too quickly as it can cause sagginess and damage. 

Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.

Article by
Nedlands Physician