Liver & Age Spots: Diagnosis and Treatment


Age spots or liver spots are flat, brown areas given the medical term "lentigo" or "lentigines."

In fact, liver spots have nothing to do with the liver (though they are the same colour as the liver, hence the name) - they are caused by the sun as well as the aging process, and usually appear on the face, back of the hands, upper back and shoulders.

Age spots or liver spots are generally harmless, especially if they are stable and are not changing in size or colour.

They may look like melanoma skin cancer (especially something called "lentigo maligna melanoma" and therefore may require evaluation by a dermatologist. Commercial "fade" creams will not make lentigines disappear. To properly diagnose, and then remove age spots or brown spots, trust an experienced dermatologist.

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy and laser therapies can help fade these spots. 1-4 treatment sessions by your dermatologist are typically required to clear age spots or liver spots, though new lesions may continue to appear with age.

~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre

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Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon