The End of the Lateral Sweep


By offsetting every horizontal lift toward the ears with a vertical lift (or more correctly "superior-medial" lift) toward the eyes, the Composite facelift reverses the face's natural gravitational fall.  Your aging lower eyelids and cheeks are returned to their original youthful position.  Lifting the skin and underlying muscle and fat in this direction also helps prevent the most common distortion of a standard facelift, which is known as the "lateral sweep."  This is the stretching of the lower face that often surfaces after a standard facelift.  Not all conventional or SMAS facelifts end up with a lateral sweep, but all of them have the potential to develop this " pulled"  look.  This is because the tight jawline created by repositioning of the tissues of the cheek.  The cheek skin and fat can relax in time while the jawline remains taut.  When this happens the difference in tensions reveals itself as the lateral sweep.  The Composite facelift ends the lateral sweep forever by keeping adjacent areas together, lifting in multiple directions and preserving the lower eyelid muscle and fat.  The outcome is a restoration of the youthful elegance of the face, a lasting and natural facelift result.
Article by
Dallas Plastic Surgeon