An Integrated Approach - The Face and Body


The harmony we strive for in facelift surgery is achieved with the Composite Lift because ALL portions of the aging face are restored to their youthful positions.  Using the same philosophy, many patients, desiring even more, would like to have a younger shaped body to be "in sync" with their rejuvenated face.  Such harmony between the face and body can be achieved with rejuvenation obtained by the cosmetic body lift.  This can be done at the same time, thereby using the same recovery time for both areas, and saving the hospital cost of two separate procedures. 
Both face and body procedures are commonly performed by most experienced plastic surgeons.  Note that surgeons who specialize only in facial surgery --ENT and opthalmic surgeons -- do not perform surgery of the body, since they do not have the required background in general surgery.
Another important consideration is whether procedures should be combined.  Naturally you would discuss this with your surgeon, and their decision will be determined by where they operate and if they feel that these combinations are safe if your case. 
One of the real pleasures of the practice of plastic surgery is in seeing a patient who, over the years, has had both body contouring and facial rejuvenation.  While diet and exercise promote health and longevity, it is no secret that our outward appearance will inevitably change over time.  Exercise can have a terrific impact on cardiovascular function, strength, and muscle tone, but it does little or nothing to improve the quality of the skin or reduce wrinkles.  The cosmetic body lift that i perform offers effective, long lasting and remarkable results.
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