Hymenoplasty: Quick Facts


The intact hymen is a thin membrane composed of connective tissue with a central opening which is usually round. The thickness and elasticity of hymen vary and it may sometimes stretch without breaking or tearing at the time of first sexual penetration.

Rarely, it lacks an opening - a condition known as imperforate hymen - and needs to be opened surgically through a delicate procedure known as hymenorrhaphy.

After the hymen has broken and healed, the remnants appear as small skin tags.

Hymenoplasty, hymen reconstruction, hymen repair and the improper term "revirgination" all convey the essence of procedures focused on restoring the hymenal ring diameter to a size a quality that will provoke bleeding upon vaginal penetration.

Owing to cultural sensitivity and tradition, most women seeking this procedure are concerned that the result look as natural as possible and the desired functional outcome - bleeding - be reliable.

While no functional outcome in any operation done for any indication can ever be guaranteed, meticulous surgical technique and properly chosen suture materials offer the best prospect for success. Modern techniques dictate a six-week healing phase prior to anticipated intercourse for optimal effect. There is little discomfort associated with recovery and there are no travel restrictions on the basis of this procedure.

Laser and radiofrequency technologies are sometimes used, as needed, to maximize the quality of the tissue reconstruction.

Most hymenoplasty procedures are performed under local anesthesia alone given in low doses. With properly dosed injections at precise locations you will be very comfortable without being subjected to the side effects of strong high-dose anesthetics and drugs.

Most women who seek hymenoplasty undergo this procedure 2 - 6 months before their wedding date, but having the surgery more than six months beforehand does not affect the quality of the results and is an excellent option for women with a busy schedule.
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