Hymen Repair or Restore Virginity Surgery part I


What is a Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty or  Hymen restoration surgery is intended to repair  or reconstruct a woman’s hymen to restore her to her “virginal” anatomy.  This simple surgical procedure has also been termed Virginity Surgery, Restore Virginity Surgery, Virginity Repair, and Hymen repair surgery.

What is the Hymen?

The Hymen is a thin layer of mucosa covered tissue that forms a ring just inside the vaginal opening.  It usually is somewhat irregular along the inner surface and can be of different diameters.  It is named after the Greek god of the wedding ceremony and is associated with virginity.

Like all body parts, there is great variation in the Hymen.  It can be a tight ring or very large.  It can be an incomplete ring or on rare occasion appear almost like a membrane covering part or even the entire entrance to the vagina.    As many as 30 % of women with an intact hymen will not bleed with their first intercourse.  This of course can create great trauma in many cultures that insist that a virgin will bleed on her first intimacy with her new husband.  This also had social value in determining a woman’s chasteness and the paternity of her children.

It is possible for a hymen to be torn through a variety of physical activities including horseback riding, dancing, athletics, bicycle riding , gymnastics or even inserting a tampon.

How is a Hymen repair performed?

The actual surgery is fairly simple and  involves freshening the mucosal edges then sewing the tissues together, usually in two  layers while reducing the size of the hymen opening to about  1.0-2.0 cm in diameter.  Dissolving sutures are used.

What type of anaesthesia is used for Virginity Restoration Surgery?

I generally use local anaesthesia in an office surgery room.  Oral sedation can be given if the patient desires. If my patient is very anxious then we can discuss using Intravenous sedation or even a General anaesthetic.

How long does Virginity Surgery take to perform?

The procedure generally takes less than an hour.  Often times patients will request treatment of additional areas such as uneven labia ( labiaplasty) or correction of the perineum.

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