How To Look Good Without Looking “DONE”


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So let’s say for your birthday or Christmas gift you received $15,000 to get any cosmetic dermatologist procedure you want. After jumping for joy and telling all your friends, you’re going to have to calm down a bit to make a smart logical decision. You’ll want to do what it takes for how to look good without looking done.

This is especially true now when people simply are not into being fake – and to many people, getting cosmetic surgery is considered being fake in a weird, twisted way. I mean really, if someone wants to look their best, why should they be the subject of sneers and comments behind their back that they look overdone?

Guidelines on How to Look Good Without Looking Done

There are some guidelines to follow if you want to know how to look good without looking done:

1. Know the Possible Treatments

Take the time to know what are the possible treatments that are out there. You can find this out on our site right here and be able to watch the procedures being done, too. As you watch, take notes on each procedure. Write out the pros and cons. Consider the downtime and the pain for each procedure.

2. See a Specialist

After you come up with a list of 3-5 treatments, it’s time to make an appointment at the cosmetic dermatologist. Discuss what your overall goal is for your skin and look, the 3-5 treatments you selected, and whether or not you are on track with your choices.

You must listen to his input. He’s the one who has worked with hundreds of people and knows what’s possible and what’s not. Also ask what is the order of the treatments, as getting one or two of the treatments may result in a huge improvement so that possibly treatment #4 will not need to be done at all.

3. Don’t Rush

Schedule the first treatment and then give yourself enough time to rejuvenate before the next treatment. There’s no rush to get it all done at one time. Doing too much too soon is not a strategy for how to look good without looking done. This is especially true with the dermal fillers. Too much can give a puffed out pillow look that will look done. However, using small amounts and then waiting to see how the results turn out is smarter.

4. Remember ALL the Ways to Look Your Best

Don’t forget all the other things you need to do to look good:

1.     Smile every chance you get.

2.     Get enough sleep each night. The quickest way to age 10 years is to get limited sleep at night.

3.     Drink plenty of water. Your body is made of 70% water and if you’re dehydrated, your skin will look sallow and as if you have no energy.

4.     Detoxify your body – it will rejuvenate your skin.

5.     Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices, and/or eat your 10+ servings per day.

6.     Be a happy person and one who doesn’t speak bad of others. Talking trash only makes you look like trash, no matter how pretty you look.

7.     Use a regular program of skin care, complete with exfoliation.

8.     Use a vitamin C serum at least twice a week.

9.     Take your vitamins and minerals, especially your antioxidants.

10. Get your exercise. Exercise brings circulation to every part of your body.

11. Learn new makeup techniques. If you’re using the same makeup tricks you learned 10 years ago or longer, you’re outdated.

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