Facial Cosmetic Surgery for Your Age


A huge part of normal aging is facial fat loss. It occurs at predictable times and you can do something about it, given good facial cosmetic surgery.

Teens: Protruding ears and unattractive noses lead to teasing and social isolation. Children as young as five can have Otoplasty the procedure to put ears closer to their head while 15-year-old girls and 17-year-old boys opt for rhinoplasty.

20s & 30s: Your facial fat starts thinning from under the eyes. Some at this age develop eye bags when fatty tissue breaks through the skin. The lower lip starts to lose its fat. Procedures: lower eyelid lift; many facial fillers can augment the lips. Some forehead wrinkling and crow’s feet start to form.
Botox or Dysport soothes wrinkling.

30s & 40s: The soft, round cheek areas start to lose shape while the Nasolabial lines – deep folds running from the corners of the nose to the edges of the lips – start forming. Implants can substitute for malar fat pads while still other facial fillers – Restylane and Juvederm, for instance – can plump up the nasolabial grooves. Double chins start to develop.)

40 to 50: The cheeks become flatter while the nasolabial lines become deeper. Eye bags become larger while the eyes appear sunken in some. Upper eyelids start drooping over the eye. A double chin starts to appear. Choices? Upper eyelid lift, facial fillers for the cheeks and neck sculpture to sharpen up the profile and chin area.

50s & 60s: Facial skin starts sagging while the nasolabial lines deepen if not corrected. The Marionette (or “drool”) lines develop at the corners of the mouth and run down to the chin. If the neck has had no attention until now, a double chin may appear with “turkey gobbler” hanging skin. Face and neck lift may be appropriate while facial fillers like Evolence or Radiesse can lessen the look of the Marionette lines.
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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon