Dimple Creation: Add Allure to Your Smile


The small natural indentations in the cheeks, known as dimples, are highly coveted by people around the world. Cheek dimples are viewed as cute and attractive in many cultures, and they add a little extra allure to your smile. A large number of the general population wishes they had dimples, but only certain people are lucky enough to have dimples run in their family and inherit the trait.

The delightful defect that causes dimples is actually a shortened facial muscle in each cheek, which pulls upward and forms the dimple when a person smiles. Dimples are also associated with youth, which may be because dimples sometimes disappear with age as the elasticity in this muscle decreases and causes it to lengthen over time.

Dimple Creation Surgery
Dimple creation surgery is a 30-minute outpatient procedure performed with local anesthesia. A plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision inside each cheek and removes a small piece of the muscle. He then attaches the remaining muscle to the underside of the skin with a dissolvable suture, which creates a permanent dimple in the skin.

This procedure is the newest trend in plastic surgery, and the number of patients looking for dimple creation has quadrupled over the last couple years. The procedure is customized to meet the needs and desires of each patient, and he or she can choose the precise location, length, and depth to create their own designer dimples.

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