The Cult Beauty Treatment: Collagen Stimulating 3D Skin Tightening


I believe understanding the function and definition of collagen helps my patients have a better grasp on how to maintain a youthful look. In my office we aim to educate the patient and explain the way a treatment works, this way there are no surprises and the patient feels more involved in the process. It is without saying that our in-office collagen promoting treatments combined with at-home regimens will make a difference in your overall appearance.

What is Collagen?

By definition collagen is a major structural protein in the skin, including cells, tissues, and organs. It provides the skin with durability and the plumpiness many desire. You could not exist without it. The presence of healthy collagen levels means healthy looking skin. Unfortunately as we age we lose the ability to replenish diminishing collagen.

What I propose – The New Cult Beauty Treatment

The 3D Skin Tightening Treatment has quickly become popular, not just with our patients, but also nationwide. People call in wanting to find out how it works and request the same treatment from their dermatologist. No matter what, we all wish for our skin to be wrinkle-free, smoother and plumper. The answer has always lied in collagen promotion. Using two lasers in one session; the V-Beam first and then the Collagenesis laser, we stimulate collagen on the surface level. Both the face and the neck can be treated. That’s right! There is something for the neck now. There is no down-time or redness afterwards, you can go back to work or attend an event in the same day. For optimal and long-lasting results I advise to follow up with two more sessions, spaced four weeks apart. I recommend combining this treatment with a chemical peel. Chemical peels guarantee deep exfoliation; helping skin with collagen renewal and allowing the laser do its job even better.

What is in a Chemical Peel?

Our basic cocktail of acid ingredients includes: Lactic acid, Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Malic Acid. By adding non-acid ingredients such as, retinol and willow bark extract; we enhance the overall results. What is in it for you? Chemical peels treat a never-ending list of skin concerns.  Among those; loss of firmness and radiance, sagging skin, sun damage/brown spots, dry skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. What you get in return is clear pores (helps with preventing breakouts), even skin texture, brighter skin and stimulated collagen/elastin growth. The most important ability the chemical peel has is exfoliation. Exfoliating will cause the natural cell turnover process to speed up, resulting in collagen promotion. Again, there is no downtime with our professional peels, just glowing skin.

The Benefits You Reap

Your skin will immediately be plump and radiant. Since there is no down-time, many prefer to do this treatment before an event to achieve fresh, glowing skin instantly. Over time, the skin will appear firmer and you will see a visible lift.  The beauty of this new cult treatment is both in the instant gratification, and the long term results which are seen anywhere from one to five weeks after your treatment. I typically recommend three sessions, though it varies based on skin concerns and ultimate goals. It’s a truly transformative treatment, and my clients always leave happy.  With today’s advances in technology, such as this new laser treatment, there really is no need to go under the knife.

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New York Dermatologist