Choosing Your Facelift Surgeon


When you’re looking to have a facelift done, the first thing you do is research what the benefits of this procedure would be and how it’s done. You pour through details such as recovery times and surgical techniques before making the jump and looking for the final piece of the puzzle, the plastic surgeon that can get it done. Searching for your facial plastic surgeon isn’t like looking for your general practitioner doctor, where you decide on the one that’s closest to you. You need to spend some serious time looking through surgeon credentials, history and before and after photos from real live patients.

Do Your Research

Finding the right plastic surgeon to perform your facelift is a big decision and you should be confident that they can do the job right. The right facelift can change how confident you feel about everything you do; these results are permanent. Conducting some of the initial research online can help you trim down your list. Learn more about the surgeon and find out what their patients have to say about them. Previous patients leave testimonials and will openly share their experiences.

Don’t be afraid to ask about before and after photos. This is so useful because you get to see the results of other patients worked on by that surgeon. Any surgeon that is proud of his work will share these photos with you or connect you with previous patients so you can explore your options. Every surgeon has a specialty, and facelifts are one of the most highly specialised procedures. Find out how many procedures they’ve performed just like this one. 

Be comfortable with your surgeon. Spend time with them and see if they acknowledge your wishes and that they care. Many surgeons can forget that they’re there for these patients and their wishes. 

Every surgeon has a technique and you have to be sure that theirs is in line with the results you want. If you’re someone that has some early signs of ageing and simply wants a light lift, there are a few different types of facelifts you can have performed. There isn’t simply a one size fits all facelift. Depending on how deep you want to go and the current condition of your skin and underlying muscle he will recommend the Short-Scar, SMAS, Sub-SMAS and Deep Plane lifts.

The face is an intricate web of delicate muscles, facial nerves and skin. Think long and hard before you choose your surgeon. 

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Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon