How do I choose the right doctor or the right surgeon for plastic surgery?


Listen. If you are thinking about having a facial procedure performed, whether it is something straightforward like a botox injection, or something complicated like a facelift, you want the best possible person performing your procedure. It’s your face. There are things in life where it makes sense to find the best bargain, or find the most convenient location. Plastic surgery of the face is not one of those things. Pick the absolute BEST person you can find. Not the surgeon who is pretty good—the surgeon who is INCREDIBLE.


Your surgeon needs to be an expert. What do I mean by that? Your surgeon needs to have experience. They need to be doing a HIGH VOLUME of whatever procedure you are having done. If you are thinking about a nose job, is it best to go to someone who does 30 breast implants a year, 30 tummy tucks, 30 liposuctions, or rather someone that does 90 rhinoplasties? If you are getting a facelift, is it best to go to someone who operates on the foot, on the hand, on the stomach, on the back, or rather, someone who only operates on faces?

What does it mean to be trained? What does it mean to be a “cosmetic surgeon”? What does it mean to be a “member” of a plastic surgery association?


The reality is that most of these things don’t mean that much. Yes, it’s a good start. Your surgeon better be board certified. He or she better be a member of plastic surgery academies and associations.  Unfortunately that by itself doesn’t really help to sort out the good from the bad, or much less the good from the great.

But what you want is the BEST. Look for someone that did a dedicated fellowship FOCUSING on one thing. Someone that has tons of hands-on experience. Not some experience—TONS of experience. 

Look for someone that understands what you want. Look for someone that you understand. Communication between the two of you is key. Does he or she promise you the world or do they give you a realistic perspective? Does your surgeon understand aesthetics? Do they have a sense of style? Are they personable? These may seem like minor details, but they certainly are not. Pick someone solid. Someone who has trained in your procedure. Someone who loves what they do and lives, and breathes the surgery or procedure you are thinking about. Settling for less is a mistake.

Article by
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon