Cherry Angiomas: Diagnosis and Treatment


Cherry Angiomas (also called "Campbell de Morgan spots") are harmless, small, red (cherry red) raised bumps created by dilated blood vessels. Occasionally the vessels inside can clot and turn a dark purple or almost black which can look quite worrisome (like a melanoma).

Cherry angiomas occur in more than 85 percent of middle-aged and elderly people, especially those people who are fair skin, and most commonly appear on the trunk.

Electrocautery, laser surgery, or other surgical therapies safely and effectively remove these harmless cherry angiomas. The discomfort with removal is minimal.

There is no safe and effective home treatment. 1-2 treatment sessions by your dermatologist are often needed to clear cherry angiomas, though new lesions will continue to appear with age and cannot be prevented.

~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre

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Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon