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Can Accutane Heal Red Marks and Stains on the Face?

I'm currently on the second month of the Accutane treatment. I don't really have active zits on my face, my acne consists of red marks and... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Red Marks on My Son's Face 3 Months Into Accutane?

His face is left with very bad red marks. why is this happening and what can we do to diminish this redness. READ MORE

Accutane Made my Acne Much Worse?

Accutane made my acne much worse before it got cleared. Now I'm left with tons of red marks from the inital break out. My acne was moderate when I... READ MORE

Accutane and Scarring?

I had a bad inital break out , now I have a lot of red marks but they are fading , and as the marks are fading I can see scarring ,will the scarring... READ MORE

What are the chances of acne recurring after Accutane for someone with mild acne?

Basic info: 5 month course of accutane, 40 mg/day 1 month, 60/day for the rest, 160 lb male, finished 3.5 mo ago. (19 years old) My skin never really... READ MORE

Will Red Marks Fade on Accutane?

I'm only in my 3rd mouth of accutane of a 7 mouth course , I only have like 5 actives left , small one nothing cystic like I used to , but the red... READ MORE

Does accutane get rid of blackheads and red acne marks? (Photo)

I'm starting accutane this week and i have a few questions on how it works. i was wondering if accutane gets rid of blackheads? if so how long does it... READ MORE

Accutane and IPL?

I heard that after the accutane terrapy the IPL works very well for the red marks, well I want to get a few sessions but how long do I have to wait... READ MORE

Post Inflamatory Erythema or Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation?

I've been using accutane for 63 days now and my cystc acne is mostly gone but it left flat red marks , I'm not sure if it's PiE or PiH , or it could... READ MORE

Red Marks on Accutane?

Some of my acne marks (dried out pimple that never popped) are still visible after 3 months. Just a darkish red mark. How come they are not going... READ MORE

When Will Red Marks from Nodular Acne Heal?

I've been on accutane for like 2 mouths , and at first my face just exploded in nodules/cystis , but now they are 90% GONE !! But the very bad part is... READ MORE

Retin - A / Differin on Accutane?

I know both of them are not good while on accutane , but I want to get rid of these red marks fast , I'm very inpatient , I will grandually incrase... READ MORE

Can I apply Aloe Vera gel on my face while on Accutane?

I have been taking accutane for almost a month now. My acne is starting to clear, but I am seeing red marks and scars. Is it okay to apply Aloe Vera... READ MORE

Red Marks, Red Pores, and Hyperpigmentation on my Face is All Do to Accutane?

Red marks, red pores, and hyperpigmentation on my face is all due to Accutane, it dried out my skin and now I have all this stuff on it, iv tried many... READ MORE

Will the red marks left from acne while on accutane ever go away?

It has been 2 years now and I still have red marks from the acne I got while I was on accutane. Some redness and a few marks have faded but it is... READ MORE

Can Red Marks from Cystic Acne Be Permanent?

I've finished accutane 1 year ago , since then my face has been pretty much the same,red. I thought they will go away in 6-12 months,but no. I tried... READ MORE

Will Red Marks from Acne Take Longer to Fade While on Accutane?

Some say they do , some say accutane is a retionid , and it makes skin turn over faster, what is the correct and final answer? READ MORE

When will the red marks on my cheeks fade?

Hello! so I was on accutane for 4 months and now I've been off accutane for 4 months. My skin is pimple free But I still have a lot of red spots on my... READ MORE

Am on 60 Mg of Accutane and my Skin Got Worse with Acne?

I Was Never Getting but then Got Better at the end of the second month. but in all those areas where the new acne came in the first month it left red... READ MORE

Can Acne Red Marks Be Permanent? (photo)

I've finished accutane 1 year ago , since then my face has been pretty much the same,red. I thought they will go away in 6-12 months,but no. I tried... READ MORE

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