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Accutane is a Good Option for Seborrheic and Oily Face? What You Recommend?

I tried accutane 1 year ago 40mg daily for 8m and all the oil of my face has gone but now after 1 year all that oil and blackheads are comming back.... READ MORE

How Long Should I Take 20mg Accutane to Treat my Current Condition of Cystic Acne ? (photo)

My dermatologist put me in a therapy of accutane about 5 months back , Most of the acne in my body cleared. But after those 5 months my acne is... READ MORE

Remission Rate for Accutane and What Should I Use After Accutane?

I am a 21 year old male (6'5 and 210 pounds) that has been on accutane 40mg for 8 months now for my mild but persistent acne. I have not had any... READ MORE

Why Do IStill Get Massive Breakouts on my Last Month on Roaccutane?

I've been on Roaccutane for 4 and a half months now. My dosages is 2 20 mg per day. My face and back cleared up within 2 months almost perfectly. Now... READ MORE

Accutane 3 Months So Far; What's an Appropriate Time to Finish?

Hello everyone ! first of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity so my name is Walid i'm 19 , i've been on accutane for 2 months... READ MORE

People Who Take Accutane for Oil Short Course Okay?

(I weigh 60kg) 2 years ago I took Accutane for mild/moderate persistent acne. I was on 60mg for 5 months and it worked like magic. Very little side... READ MORE

After 7 Months on Accutane No Results! What Should I Do ?

I was 7 months on accutane and even when I stopped taking it I wasn't completely clear. Now one month after I finished the course my acne is coming... READ MORE

Is Accutane One Times 20mg Tablet Once a Week Toxic?

Hi I took a full course of Accutane 4 years ago for severe seborrhoea and bad acne seborrhoea returned although no way near as bad, i am looking into... READ MORE

Does a Second Course of Accutane Help with Old Acne Scars?

About a year ago had accutane because of my acne and I left me with a few scars. A year has passed and now my scars are just a few and not very deep,... READ MORE

Still Getting Pimple at the End of Accutane Treatment? (photo)

I started accutane at 10mg daily for 2 months, then 20mg (1 month), 40mg (1 month), 50mg (2 months). I'm now back at 40mg til the end (2 months). I... READ MORE

I Finished my Accutane Treatment a Month a Go and Now I'm Starting to See Small Zits Appearing. What Do I Do? (photo)

I finished a 4 and half month treatment of a 80mg dose of Accutane. Its been about a month since I've stopped taking Accutane and I'm seeing small... READ MORE

Isotretinoin - Will my Acne Come Back? (photo)

I have been taking isotretinoin(20 mg) and krimson 35 for 4 months now. My pimples have almost gone, only some scars are left. I want to stop taking... READ MORE

Second Course Long Term Remission?

I was 15, weighing 57kg, and took 40mg a day for 5.75 months. I got minor breakouts after 3 months of completing treatment, then after about 7 months... READ MORE

Help! Idon't Want to Take BCP for Acne! Don't Want the Weight Gain! Been on Accutane Thrice. Last Time, Nearly Three Years Ago?

I have been on Accutane thrice. Each time the acne came back. This time it is no different. Acne is back and skin is very oily. I'm keeping major... READ MORE

Will Oil Come Back After Completing a 5 Month Course of Claravis (80 Mg/day)?

I am about to start my 5th and last month. I love the fact that oil has been dramatically reduced. I wasn't all that oily to begin with, only on my... READ MORE

Issues with Acne Returning After Accutune?

Hey, all! I started Accutane in November of 2011. I took 40mg/day during the first month, then 20mg/day every month until April. In April, I had a... READ MORE

Acne Coming Back 3 Months After Stopping Accutane?

I have just finished my second course of accutane 3 months ago (my first course cleared me 3 years). I started a second course because me acne was... READ MORE

Can Accutane Be Used for Third Time if Acne Appears Again?

I want to know that can isotretinoin be taken again after having it once for 6 months (BD) and once for 3 months (BD)in last 4 yrs i am 33 yrs old and... READ MORE

Roaccutane for 12 Months and Finished 5 Days Ago, and Just Got a Couple Pimples?

Hi i been on oratane/roaccutane for 12 months 40 mg everyday i finished my course 5 days ago and two pimples just popped out above my lips and the... READ MORE

20mg of Accutane a Day for 2 Months For Very Oily Skin and Moderate but Persistent Acne?

I've been on 20mg accutane a day for 2 months (I weigh 93 pounds) for extremely oily skin and mild/moderate but PERISTANT acne. I went through the... READ MORE

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