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What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Sebum?

Hi, i have overactive sebum production that makes my face extremely oily and having small occassional breakouts despite good topical regimen with oral... READ MORE

I Have Been on Accutane for Three Months And My Doc Says It's Done Its Job. Should I Discontinue Use?

My doctor says my acne is gone and she took me off of it yesterday my questing is after three months is it smart to go off it I'm a 6'1 male... READ MORE

Accutane is a Good Option for Seborrheic and Oily Face? What You Recommend?

I tried accutane 1 year ago 40mg daily for 8m and all the oil of my face has gone but now after 1 year all that oil and blackheads are comming back.... READ MORE

Accutane and Oily Skin Big Pores a Quick Fix or Longtime Cure

I am a 27 year old male with moderate acne,VERY oily skin and also VERY big pores. I just got off antiobiotics,BP and aczone which helped for awhile... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Doctor That Will Prescribe Accutane?

I am 47 and have severly oily skin and very large pores. I have these very enlarged pores allover my face that I have to go in multiple times a year... READ MORE

Low Dosage Accutane for Oil Control and Mild Acne?

I have been reading up on using Accutane to control oil and mild acne. I started with 10mg once every two days for the first week and on the second... READ MORE

Will Oily Skin Always Come Back After Finishing Each Course of Accutane?

I have taken 3 courses of low dose accutane (40 mg 3 x a week) and my oily skin has always returned, though not as bad as before i took accutane. I... READ MORE

How long to wait until a tattoo post Accutane?

I have been on accutane only 3 months and two weeks after the treatment i got my ears pierced and its fine. How long do i have to wait for a tattoo?... READ MORE

Accutane for Oily Skin?

Do you recommend Accutane for an extremely oily t-zone if there's no acne? Can Accutane decrease the oil production? READ MORE

Accutane and Moisturizing Product?

Before accutane, I have oily skin. When I'm on accutane, my skin is too dry. My doctor gave me moisturizing product for lip (Ingredients: PEG - 75... READ MORE

Accutane for PCOS-related Acne and Oily Skin?

I have scarring, mild to moderate acne, but I often scar (small ice pick scars and needle point scars). I've been prescribed 20mg/day of Accutane for... READ MORE

People Who Take Accutane for Oil Short Course Okay?

(I weigh 60kg) 2 years ago I took Accutane for mild/moderate persistent acne. I was on 60mg for 5 months and it worked like magic. Very little side... READ MORE

Accutane Vs Red and Blue Light Therapy?

I had several side effects from Claravis (generic accutane) after a month and had to go off for trying to control VERY oily skin and moderate cystic... READ MORE

Can Accutane Be Prescribed for Things Other Than Cystic Acne?

Can accutane be prescribed ( and covered by most insurance) for things such as super oily skin, rosacea, or mild acne? Or is it only prescribed and... READ MORE

Can a Moisturiser be Used on Oily Skin, While Using Roaccutane?

I'm currently using roaccutane for like nearly 2 weeks but my doctor has asked me to use a moisturiser and I don't won't to use because my face is... READ MORE

6 months post op Accutane, I have oily skin, large pore, and scarring on my face that was not there prior. Is this normal?

I did a 6 month course of accutane and have been off it since April. The reason I went on accutane was excessive oil and some cystic acne. My skin is... READ MORE

I have been on Acctuane for 2 months now and my face just been getting worse. Any suggestions?

I've been on accutane for 2 months now going on the 3'rd and i havent seen no improvements my face is getting worse and its going back to being oily.... READ MORE

Dosage of Second Course of Accutane?

I took 100 mg/kg of Accutane and I suspended it before reaching 120mg/kg because I had eye irritations and got scared to damage my eyes permanently. A... READ MORE

I Have Extremely Oily Skin, What Dose of Accutane Would Be Viable for Me?

I am 19 years old and i weigh 100 pounds. i was told that accutane could reduce my oiliness significantly.I do not suffer from acne and i just want to... READ MORE

White Bumps After Quitting Accutane

I have been taking Accutane for 7 years -last 6 @20mg/day. I'm 48/F. Skin very oily,I had little white cauliflower looking bumps. Acctane fixed. I... READ MORE

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