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Was It a Mistake to Take Accutane for Mild Acne?

I took accutane but i had only mild acne , and what i can see is that my face has gone worse, and is getting worse each day .. and i am in my 5th... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Rashes Caused by Accutane?

Ive been on accutane for 2 months now (40mg a day) and I started to get itchy rashes on my lower legs, it has now spread to my wrists and upper legs... READ MORE

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area . Accutane for Mild Acne?

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area since experiencing a traumatic loss in my immediate family. I used every... READ MORE

Accutane Mild Acne. How High Would My Dosage Be?

I have really bad mild acne, I usually break out after eating carbs or anything sweet i get alot of small whiteheads and underskin pimples. I am a... READ MORE

Low Dosage Accutane for Oil Control and Mild Acne?

I have been reading up on using Accutane to control oil and mild acne. I started with 10mg once every two days for the first week and on the second... READ MORE

If you have moderate acne, will accutane work quicker?

I have moderate to severe acne. I have had it for about 3-4 years. Nothing has seemed to produce a positive lasting result. I have tried all the over... READ MORE

Should I Use Roaccutane for my Acne Considering the Risks and Side Effects? (photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old. I have mild/moderate acne with minor scars. I have tired using creams, scrubs, antibiotic pills ... etc with minimum and/or... READ MORE

Can Accutane Be Prescribed for Things Other Than Cystic Acne?

Can accutane be prescribed ( and covered by most insurance) for things such as super oily skin, rosacea, or mild acne? Or is it only prescribed and... READ MORE

Accutane For Mild Acne? Is it possible to get a low dosage?

Hi, I have mild acne, i've tried all topical's that haven't done the job. I heard a lot about accutane, but, my concern is of course the side effects.... READ MORE

Will 20 Mg/day Ro-accutane Help?

I have been on accutane for 3 months from now i have mild to moderate acne been on 20mg/day but cant see a difference except oil gone from my skin ,... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old. Should I use Accutane if I don't suffer from severe/hormonal acne?

My acne isn't that bad, although I think it's in my genes. I wouldn't call it severe but I wouldnt call it mild. I have my days though. My pores are a... READ MORE

Accutane for Mild Acne, Any Doctors out There?

Can someone recommend a doctor in northern California who is comfortable prescribing accutane for a case of mild acne that has proven resistant to... READ MORE

Can I increase my Accutane dose?

Am in accutan for 3 weeks 20mg per day ..and am 77kg body wight doctors prescribe 20mg for 8 weeks I had mild acne but I feel its low dose can I... READ MORE

Accutane for someone with PCOS?

I have PCOS. Will accutane work for my acne? I took accutane years ago and my acne was gone for 5 years. Now I've been Diagnosed with PCOS. My facial... READ MORE

Accutane Cumulative Dosage Question?

74 kg, 20 y/o male. I had moderate/mild recurrent nodular acne on my face/back. I was Accutane for 172 days (~6 months) when I stopped at a cumulative... READ MORE

Chances of Acne coming back after Accutane?

Im a 20 year old female, i was on 10mgs for 3 months and 50mgs for 5 months.. im not really sure what my acne would have been classified. but everyone... READ MORE

My Consultant Says I Should Stop Taking Roaccutane After Two Months (2nd Round). Although Its Cleared Up is This Best?

The acne has completely cleared but I am worried that they might return. He said that the aim for the Accutane was to eliminate all the spots which it... READ MORE

Can Accutane be prescribed for mild acne and chronic folliculitis? (Photo)

I have mild acne , clogged pores everywhere with 3-4 cyts at a time. I also have folliculitis on my chest stomach back and buttocks with extremely... READ MORE

Ultra Low Dose of Accutane Long Term? Is This an Option American Dermatologists Would Consider?

Hallo, i'm a 26 year old guy from Germany and I want to ask about your opinions of Long Term Ultra Low Dose Use of Accutane. I`m seriously considering... READ MORE

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