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Does Accutane Affect Menstrual Cycles?

I'm 15, have been taking 20mg Accutane for about 8 weeks now and my period is late. It's supposed to start on 1st April, but it didn't. I'm not... READ MORE

When will my skin be completely clear? Is it normal to get a small breakout when I get my menstrual cycle?

I am starting on my 4 month and I am still not completely clear, my skin is way better than it was when I started I have seen an incredible difference... READ MORE

Breakouts after 4 months post accutane

I am 19 and I have been suffering from acne since I hit puberty. I went on Accutane for 6 months 40mg a day because I am small. My skin was clear for... READ MORE

Does Accutane affect the menstruation cycle for women?

April 5, i started taking 20mg of accutane but doctor prescribed me 10mg after breakfast and 20mg after dinner, the first time i take accutane i was... READ MORE

Is there any effect on menstruation when taking accutane?

I'm 25. Single. I started taking accutane last july 2,2016. I had my period July 23. It's the end of the week of september now and I still don't have... READ MORE

I finished a full cycle (6months) of Accutane. If I have an irregular menstrual cycle when, is it safe to get pregnant?

I finished a full cycle (6 months 40-80mg a day) of Accutane May 8, 2015. I had my first menstrual cycle July 10, 2015 post Accutane (I have an... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old with moderate severe acne, I really want to try Accutane, will it help with my acne and keep me acne free?

I really break out at the bottom of my chin, top of my neck, and also the bottom of my cheeks. I know it also gets worse when I am about to get my... READ MORE

Late Menstrual Period Because of Accutane?

This is my fourth month of using accutane for the first two months i've been taking 20 mg and raised it to 30 mg for the third month but now am... READ MORE

Does Accutane Cause Irregular Periods or Infertility?

I finished 6 months of Accutane 2 months ago. I stopped the pill 4 months ago, so my body had a chance to be rid of the pill before my husband and I... READ MORE

I'm experiencing irregular menstrual cycle/discharge after Accutane treatment. Should I be concerned?

I completed a five month accutane treatment almost a month ago. I was taking birth control pills, and I finished my last active pill few days ago.... READ MORE

What Should I Expect for an Initial Breakout on Accutane?

I have moderate but very persistent acne that gets worse with menstruation. I am nervous about the initial breakout. I will be starting on 40 mg for... READ MORE

I'm taking isotretinoin which is causing period twice a month. Is this normal?

Hi i am taking isotretinoin 20 mg twice a day. Its been 25 days. 6 days After finishing my menstrual cycle i got period again. Is it something to... READ MORE

Late period on Accutane. Any suggestions?

Hi! It is my first month on accutane (actually 20 days in) 40 mg a day and my period is 3 days late. I have a copper IUD and use condoms so I DOUBT... READ MORE

Stop taking accutane for two weeks, and get positive test.

I Started taking accutane April 5, third day of my period. April 29 i have sign of menstruation but it stopped the next day. and have discharge after... READ MORE

I had increased cholesterol and LDL , body fats , I see things , and menstruation disturbance , should I stop Isotretenoin ?

My cholesterol level was 300 and LDL level was 180 , my body fats increased 6% after 4 months of isotrtenoin treatment , although i was going on good... READ MORE

What happens if I start my period before my 30 day limit before starting Accutane?

So I got my prescription for accutane on January 19, 2015. The next opportunity for a blood test is February 18 then I can actually pickup the pills.... READ MORE

Accutane for 14 year old girl who hasn't started menstruating?

My 14-year-old girl is turning 15 in 3 months. She hasn't started menstruation yet She has moderate acne with millions of skin coloured bumps on her... READ MORE

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