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I'm a 40yo Woman Considering Accutane; Should I Worry About Long-term Effects? (photo)

I took it twice in my early 30s, but only for about 3 mos each time -- it worked, but not permanently. I'm an actress, so I really need to stop... READ MORE

Stop Taking Accutane Before the End of Cycle?

I'm scared of my treatment with Accutane, and I want to stop. I'm in the fifth week, I took a few days in doses of 40 mg 60mg others. I have taken on... READ MORE

Is it safe to take a low dose of Isotretinoin (Accutane) for a year?

I've been battling with hormonal cystic acne for years. I was prescribed accutane 6 yrs ago but the acne came back. My derm has put me on a low dose... READ MORE

Accutane long term

I have been on Accutane for almost 15 years. I take 20/mg, once every 3 to 4 days. My skin looks and feels great and I never break out. they only side... READ MORE

Does Accutane Have Any Adverse Side Effects Such as Crohn's Disease, IBD, Blindness?

Hello, I am super worried. I'm on my day 182 of accutane and have been reading lately about all these long-term problems that accutane can cause... READ MORE

Accutane Long Term Side Effects?

What are they if there is any . what about blepharitis ? is it going to go away or no ? READ MORE

Is there any evidence or research on the long term effects on fertility in women (teenagers) who take Accutane?

My daughter is 16 and may be starting accutane, but I am worried about her reproductive system (due to the fact that accutane causes birth defects in... READ MORE

Does Accutane accumulate in your system or will I be able to take the drug for long term?

I am taking 30 mg of accutane a week. My first question is about accumulation. I know in normal courses, the goal is to reach a certain cumulative... READ MORE

Does Roaccutane have long-term effects after treatment is complete?

I have been prescribe Roaccutane, however, reading peoples responses on certain forums online really freaks me out. Crohns Disease, digestion... READ MORE

Prescribed Accutane Today (November 23rd) - Getting Married Next May - Possible Long Term Side Affects?

Hi, i received my first round of accutane (40mg) tablets today. I am due to get married may 31st 2013 and i am worried that i will suffer adverse side... READ MORE

Chronic Scalp Folliculitis-responds to prednisone, but Accutane fully clears after long term course.

I've had folliculitis on my scalp for apx.7 yrs now. I've been biopsied & cultured several times-both fungal & bacterial.Always neg.Tried various oral... READ MORE

Can Accutane Reduce Synovial Fluid and Other Joint Fluid Even when You Are Done?

Im an athlete and I train a lot so im worried about my joints and bones and muscles. Can accutane reduce the synovial fluid and other fluids in my... READ MORE

What is the Best Type of Accutane Regimen That is Given to Eliminate Acne and Other Conditions Long Term?

Is a high dose or a low dose more succesfuly used to eliminate acne long term? What type of regimen ( high, low) is used for rosacea, or excessively... READ MORE

Low dose Accutane for indefinite period of time? (Male - 22 years)

Hello. I have very oily skin. I suffer from Rosacea and Acne. I took 2 courses of 20mg/day accutane for 6 months (Total 12 months). I got relief from... READ MORE

Side effects of accutane

I'm a 20 yr old using accutane for the 2nd time, I used it first when I was 17. My pcp (an internist) strongly suggested I don't take it due to side... READ MORE

Accutane Long Term Effects?

Can Accutane cause depression about 4 yrs after taking it? READ MORE

Permanent flushing from Accutane?

I took 40 mg of Accutane for 3 months. During my course I expierienced a lot of flushing. I have been off it 6 weeks now and this is still happening... READ MORE

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