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Is It Better to Take Accutane in Morning or Night?

I am wondering if any dermatologists recommend a time of day for Accutane (if you are only taking one pill per day)? I read that some people have... READ MORE

Is Post Accutane Flushing Permanent?

I recently finished accutane around mid-February with amazing results, but the only downfall of it was the flushing. Everytime I flush my entire face... READ MORE

Risk of Post-Accutane Permanent Redness/Flushing

I have suffered from acne since was 13 y.o (now 24) and have had 1 course of roaccutane when it was most severe aged 16. This helped a lot but I still... READ MORE

Can stopping accutane after 8 days at low dose cause skin to flare-up permanently red or is it a drug you can go off easily?

I am 130lbs Caucasian female. I went on accutane at 20mg/day and stopped after eight days because: 1) I wasn't positive I wanted to take it, 2) I was... READ MORE

Why Would Accutane Work For Me 10 years Ago, and Cause Burning, Flushing, Dryness The Second Time Around?

Having further treatment now age 60 as acne slowly returned. Not so the rosacea which remained very minimal. First 10 weeks at 20mg every two days was... READ MORE

Is a Pinkish Hue in the Face Caused by the Claravis? Will It Go Away After Treatment?

I am at the end of my fourth month of Claravis (80 mg/day) and will be starting my fifth and final month in about four days. My face is normally pink,... READ MORE

Why is It when I Walk Outside for Like 25 Mins and then Come Back into the House, my Face is Blood Red?

I'm currently on Accutane month 3 80 mg, and I'm noticing everytime I go outside and come back in, my face gets blood red like it's flushed. Is this... READ MORE

Does Accutane help rosacea flushing or worsen it?

I started accutane after my dermatologist suggested it. I started at 40 MG and am now on 80. I've been on it for about 6 months. Ive read a lot about... READ MORE

Is this rosacea or flushing from Accutane? (Photos)

I've been on accutane for 5 months, and I'm about to start my 6th month. My face has been really red and I'm not sure if this is rosacea or a side... READ MORE

Is this a normal condition while on Accutane?

Hey, currently three weeks into accutane, my IB isn't terrible - just a few minor whiteheads and such, no cysts! My minor, shallow scars are even... READ MORE

Off of Accutane for 5 months, suddenly experiencing flushing, itchiness, etc. What is going on? (photo)

I've been off accutane for almost 5 months now, & out of no where I'm dealing with flushing, warm face, itchy ness of the face, & the post... READ MORE

Is There Anything to Help with the Flushing?

I am not sure what a normal dosage cycle is, but I am 36, 5'5" and weigh 125lb. My doc prescribed 80mg out of the gate. I am experiencing intense... READ MORE

If Accutane Does Not Cause Rosacea, Why is the Flushing Still Persistent After a Year?

Hi, I have been taking accutane for merely a month, but the dose was too high in my opinion. I have had flushing and blushing throughout the month.... READ MORE

Flushing Due to Accutane

I used accutane for three years and developed severe flushing during this period. Is this due to accutane and is it reversible after stop taking the... READ MORE

Accutane is causing me full facial flushing. What can I do?

Ive been on 2 courses of Accutane and since the first course Ive developed BAD facial flushing. Literally my whole face turns bright red. This can be... READ MORE

Post Accutane Flushing. When will this stop?

I am now 2 months removed from 5 months of 80mg/day Claravis (accutane). Before Accutane I always had darker skin and only a few problem pimples.... READ MORE

Permanent flushing from Accutane?

I took 40 mg of Accutane for 3 months. During my course I expierienced a lot of flushing. I have been off it 6 weeks now and this is still happening... READ MORE

Two months post Accutane and I still flush and become red. Is this going to stop?

I am two months post accutane. I am very pale and on accutane I was red constantly pretty much. Both from dry skin and I would have hot flushing. Two... READ MORE

Doctors in Las Vegas that will prescribe Accutane for rosacea (type 1; flushing, broken capillaries, but no pustules)? (photo)

I am a 25 year old female that has rosacea type 1. I flush a couple hours in the afternoon and a couple hours in the evening. I avoid triggers (no... READ MORE

Fairly severe facial and neck flushing over a year and a half post low dose generic Accutane treatment. (Photo)

I have been experiencing daily facial and neck flushing in many situations, stress, physical activities that won't subside. I have been off... READ MORE

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