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Daily Chemical Exfoliation While on Accutane?

I have very oily skin with enlarged pores, blackheads, and moderate acne. I currently control the acne and blackheads with an antibacterial facewash... READ MORE

Do I Have Benzoyl Peroxide Damage? (photo)

I abused from Benzoyl Peroxide for a period of 2 years. I have pretty bad redness/irritation from it which builded gradually. I thought my skin would... READ MORE

Can I use facial wash that contains benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil and sulfur?

Before starting Accutance, I used this facial wash called Nanocleanse which contains benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil and sulfur. I would like to know... READ MORE

Post accutane maintenance. What should I do?

Hello, I recently finished my 8 month course of accutane 5 days ago where I reached 240 mg/kg cumulative dose. Skin looks good, still dry. Anyways, I... READ MORE

Interactions with Accutane

Can I take these with accutane or is it dangerous? I will be taking 2 20mg pills in the morning and 2 20 mg pills at night. Im planning on taking milk... READ MORE

Treatments While on Isotretinoin?

Hi,i am currently on 10mg/day of isotretinoin, no major side effects except dry lips and skin flakes around mouth and nose area. I live in a tropical... READ MORE

Would a dermatologist prescribe Accutane? How many mg and for how long? Thoughts on online purchase of Accutane (FDA approved)?

Hello, I am 19, female, 48 kg. From age 13 to17 I’ve had mild acne that would appear around my menstrual cycle. I've always used from 2.5% to 5% b... READ MORE

Can I use Accutane to cure my moderate acne?

So I've tried everything, Clindamycin, BP, Salcylic acid, and nothing seems to work for me, it just gives me more breakouts, is Accutane the only way... READ MORE

Is my skin isotretinoin-worthy? (photos)

23 year old male. This is with 10 years prescription benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin phosphate and adapelene use and occasional few-month periods of oral... READ MORE

Been off accutane for a year but now a couple pimples are appearing what do i do?

I have been off accutane for around a year now. Along with the red marks left behind from my acne that have been slowly fading i now am getting... READ MORE

Face wash during Accutane?

During Accutane, what type of face wash should be use? Are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid safe while on the treatment or only mild ones like... READ MORE

5 months post op Accutane, my acne are gone, but still have scars. Is invisible acne under the skin?

I have been on accutane for 5 months 20 mg for the first phase then 30 then 40 (now). My acne has gone but there is still severe imperfections and... READ MORE

Can I apply benzoyl peroxide and adapalene combination on my skin while on isotretinoin capsules 20 mg per day.?

I am taking isotretinoin since 3 days..i was prescribed bp and adapalene with this..but i was a bit skeptical so I didn't use them..can I use them... READ MORE

How effective is Accutane on acne? What are the side effects? (photo)

Hello, I have been suffering from acne for 3 months now, and nothing is working. Dermatologist prescribed me Benzac (10% Benzoil Peroxide) to wash... READ MORE

Can I use salicylic acid once a week and benzoyl peroxide while on Accutane?

I have been suffering from acne for 3 years in a row. My dermatologist recommended me a salicylic acid wash with tretinoin and peroclin gel which... READ MORE

Accutane for 4 months, clear since month 1. Won't hit cumulative dose. Do I stand any chance of acne not returning?

Hi, 28 yr old guy, 83kg I've been on accutane for 4 months. Previously I was on a long term antibiotics and Benzoyl peroxide regimen that kept me... READ MORE

Breakouts and early period 6th month on Accutane. what's happening to my face? Is this normal?

I always had very moderate acne, Its my 6th month of Accutane(10mg) I had period irregularities but nothing major. this month I had my period early,... READ MORE

I used to have severe acne and was treated with Roaccutane. Blackheads just won't go?

I used to have severe acne and was treated with roaccutane, I also still use Duac (benzyl peroxide) on my face, however I still struggle to blackheads... READ MORE

I m 25 year male using isotretinion 20 mg please suggest me duration of this course ?

I m 25 years male having acne from last 2 years I went to dermatologist they suggest me sayclic acid face wash and benzoyl peroxide gel bt it doesn't... READ MORE

Can I use kojic acid soap, toner, cream and retin A with Accutane?

I am using benzyl peroxide with them... bt my whiteheads r still remains..lots of whiteheads ... i have taken acne treatment 1yr back.. take topical... READ MORE

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