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Bright Red, Hot and Burning Face with Accutane: How Long Will It Last?

I started on Accutane ten days ago for moderate/mild but persistant acne, and within 2 days my face was bright red - almost orangey in colour. It... READ MORE

Accutane Dosage: to Minimalise Side-effects, is It Better to Take 20mg/day over a Longer Period or 40mg/day over Half the Time?

I have been on 20mg/day of accutane for 1 wk. I would like to know if I could minimalise the side-effects by taking double the dosage (40mg/day) for... READ MORE

1 weeks post op Accutane, I have little bumps mainly on forehead. Is this normal?

I'm a week post accutane and my face is still not producing any oils. However, I've noticed little bumps around my upper nose towards the eyes and on... READ MORE

Can my son go into the sun 1 week after completing Accutane treatment?

We are going to Vegas 8 days after our son's treatment will end, is it ok for him to be in the sun/ pool that soon afterwards? Thanks READ MORE

I've Been Taking Isotretinoin (Izotek, European Accutane) for 6 Days, Extreme Bloating and Diarrhea?

On day 4 I got really watery diarrhea and extreme bloating, I lit looked 9 m pregnant (I am not prego ofc). My stomach is making noises all the time,... READ MORE

Pressure Feeling in Head After Taking Accutane?

Hello, I've been on accutane for 5 days. My doctor has instructed me to alternate between 1 pill (20 mg) and 2 pills on alternate days. For the past... READ MORE

1 Week on Roaccutan and Acne is Worse

I had my acne six months ago and tried antibiotics pills but the acne gets back as soon as the antibiotics course over, eventually I started with... READ MORE

About a week into Accutane. Can someone please tell me why I keep discovering more and more icepick scars everyday?

Okay, so I am about a week into accutane currently. Can someone please tell me why I keep discovering more and more icepick scars everyday? also, will... READ MORE

One Week After Starting Roaccutane, I Realized I Am Pregnant?

Hi, one week ago, I started taking a 20mg/day dose of roaccutane, yesterday I was supposed to get my period but didn't, today I did a pregnancy test... READ MORE

On 20 mg Accutane consumption, can I switch to 40mg a day after a month?

I have started 20mg accutane per day and it has been just six days and as expected I am starting to have chapped lips and very sensitive face, ! now... READ MORE

Should I be worried about pregnancy 7 days into Accutane?

I had been taking Accutane for 7 days and on the 7th day I found out I was pregnant. I automatically stopped the usage of this drug. I FU with my GYN... READ MORE

My accutane dosage is too high..I am in so much pain, but my doctor said its normal. Is it?

I recently started accutane alittle over a week ago. My dermatologist already has me on 60mg!! I thought you start with a low dosage and build up. I'm... READ MORE

Should my skin get worse while I'm on Oratane/Accutane?

Just finished my first week on Oratane. My doctor told me to use 2x20mg in the morning and 2x20mg in the night... (My weight - 85kg , my mild acne... READ MORE

My face is very red after I start using roacutane. Any suggestions?

So i am on my 1week of roacutane 40mg/dayand after 4 days of using my face started to be very red and hot.I was reading on the internet about this... READ MORE

Why Am I Breaking out After Accutane?

I just completed a full 6 month course of Accutane. I had a cumulative dose of 120mg/kg. For several weeks my skin has been clear. But now after being... READ MORE

Roaccutane for 12 Months and Finished 5 Days Ago, and Just Got a Couple Pimples?

Hi i been on oratane/roaccutane for 12 months 40 mg everyday i finished my course 5 days ago and two pimples just popped out above my lips and the... READ MORE

Can I get rabies shots while taking Accutane?

Hi I've been on accutane 20mg for six days now.I was bit by a dog and doctor prescribed me a tetanus vaccination and five rabies shots to be taken... READ MORE

Can I Stop Accutane After 1 Week and Safely Have Surgery?

I have been taking 60 mg per day for 7 days. If I stop completely can I safely get breast augmentation and smart lipo? How long should I wait? I am... READ MORE

Is this normal with Accutane/Eprius?

Hi, I'm on 40mg of Eprius a day. This is my first week and I haven't experienced any side effects (no dryness, no breakout). The only thing I think... READ MORE

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