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Serious Worsening of Acne when on Roaccutane- Now What? (photo)

I was on accutane (20mg and then 10mg) for 1 month. I had to stop it because of a terrible breakout with pimples and red marks covering most of my... READ MORE

What is this rash that appeared one month post accutane? (Photo)

I took accutane for 6 months for minor chin acne. After a month of being off the drug I developed a red bumpy rash on my chest, thighs & legs. I had... READ MORE

Can You Suggest Some Good Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Foundation for 1 Month Post Accutane.

Hello doctors, thanks for your replies, but i want to know can you suggest some good moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation for 1 month post accutane.... READ MORE

Why Are the Backs of my Hands Scaly After Taking Accutane for One Month?

I started taking accutane for about 1 week before I started to see this dry patch on my knuckle. Then it stared to appear all over both of my hands,... READ MORE

I Have Been Using Accuntane for a Month Now and my Face Has Gotten Worse. Should I Discontinue It?

I had minor acne on my back and little bumps on my face, which almost looked like blackheads but with out a "black" head, I was able to get remove... READ MORE

Hi, I've Been on Accutane for 1 Month, I Would Like to Know if I Can Use Bleaching Cream?

I have been on accutane now ts nearly 1 month and i would like to know if I can use beaching cream. thank you in advance READ MORE

How early does Accutane cause birth defects?

Ive been taking accutane for 4 weeks and im 3 weeks pregnant. Will my baby have birth defects? READ MORE

I Finished my Accutane Treatment a Month a Go and Now I'm Starting to See Small Zits Appearing. What Do I Do? (photo)

I finished a 4 and half month treatment of a 80mg dose of Accutane. Its been about a month since I've stopped taking Accutane and I'm seeing small... READ MORE

High test result while taking accutane. What should I do?

I been on accutane 10 mg for a month then went on 20 mg and after i did my mounthly test i found that i have high''bilirubine'' and my doctor asked me... READ MORE

One Month on Accutane and Would Like to Halt to Treat Acne Scar?

I have a facial acne scar that I would like to treat ASAP with either subcision, dermal graft, or filler etc. My question is: I've been on Accutane... READ MORE

Accutane Breakout After a Month?

I took accutane for five months at 40mg (I was 120-130 pounds) for severe cystic acne. By the end of my course I was clear, but five weeks later I... READ MORE

Will Accutane ruin sex for me?

I am on my first month of Accutane, so far so good. Today however, I read about a few post accutane users (female) who can no longer have Sex because... READ MORE

I Am 1 Month Post Accutane.. Can I Take Herbal Facials Because I Am Getting Married in 6 Months.

I am 1 month post accutane and my skin is extremely dry, i am getting married in 6 months can i take facials for dry skin and steam? and can u suggest... READ MORE

Stopped Using Accutane After Exactly 25 Days 40mg, Because of Increased Hyperpigmenatation (Melasma). What Can I Do?

How long should I wait before I can treat these spots?It has been one week and would now like to use Obagi clear or some other lightening cream to... READ MORE

Accutane's side effects?

I started Accutane one month ago and acne has improved. But, now I am experiencing muscle and joint pain. The pain is tolerable. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Skin deteriorating after Accutane treatment, what caused this and how can it be treated? (photos)

About a year ago my doctor recommended Accutane. The treatment initially caused massive breakouts but eventually cleared my face. I've been off of... READ MORE

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