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Using a strong bleaching agent, the teeth whitening process Zoom Whitening looks to brighten those pearly whites during your dental visit. LEARN MORE ›

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Before I had this done, I spoke to someone in the dental office about the procedure. I am prone to sensitive teeth and wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem. I was assured that it would not be. Once I arrived in the office, I was given paperwork that indicated that the procedure might... READ MORE

I did Zoom whitening two days ago. It was HORRIFIC. My dentist said absolutely NOTHING about the possibility of pain with this treatment. Everything was fine at first. The doctor took a picture of my teeth prior to starting. She painstakingly covered every part of soft tissue, leaving only my... READ MORE

I did this procedure Exactly one year ago. Everything went ok. After the treatment your teeths are very sensitive (sometimes hard to tolerate) but it comes with the package. It works great. I saw a difference instantly after the treatment. I decide to do it because I wanted to have a whiter... READ MORE

WARNING !! Stupidly I did the Zoom whitening treatment 4 years ago - excruciating nerve pain - was in tears ... a day later developed blood blisters at the top of the gums in which they told me perhaps some had seeped into my gums causing a slight infection. So four years on I have 2 abscesses... READ MORE

I had mine done at 9:30 a.m. and felt no pain for first (3) 15-min sessions and felt some minor zingers during the middle of the 4th. I thought it was all fine and was told I'd feel some "sensitivity". No, this was NOT sensitivity. It was pure pain! Every 20-30 seconds, pain would last about 3-5... READ MORE

Had this done several years ago now, was quite painful (more so than I expected), the procedure creates a sort of popping sensation in the teeth which is really unpleasant. At the time I had a discoluored front tooth and general yellowing and so this was a treatment before trying a veneer. The... READ MORE

I had my Zoom done one week ago. Despite having anaesthesia, I had extremely painful zingers during the third and fourth sessions and for about 5 hours more. Then zingers stopped, but my teeth hurt all the night. At the beginning my teeth were really white, but now, despite being on the white... READ MORE

Spent $400 for Zoom Whitening in 2010. I had very minimal sensitivity. My teeth did get a lot whiter and looked great - for about a week. 1-2 weeks later they looked pretty close to what they did prior to whitening. I was given an aftercare kit which admittedly I didn't use consistently. The... READ MORE

I got a Groupon for this and had this done today at a dentist that is not mine personal dentist. The technician who did seemed to know what she was doing, but she didn't really take time to explain the procedure or discuss my teeth. I asked about sensitivity, which she said was dependent... READ MORE

Love the result super happy with my white teeth...never will do it again!!!!! I had the zoom done yesterday (Three 15 min sessions). The first two sessions went well but the third, Oh Man! I felt those zingers nothing to bad, at first. When I got home the zingers worsened and when I mean... READ MORE

I needed whiter teeth before my wedding. They fit me in last minute READ MORE

I love white teeth and am a coffee drinker so I decided to try out this Zoom. 10 years ago I did the trays at a Dentists office. I got a deal from Groupon. What a mistake. This was a business scam dentist. The only reason she offers this deal is to try to see you new servics that chances are you... READ MORE

Hi, I just did a zoom treatment about 5 hours ago and i have to say its extreamly painfull...i was crying before i wrote this message. actually got scared because its only getting worse but i found i few messages and see that this is common..its a constant pain as though my teeth are extreamly... READ MORE

As I have aged, my teeth has slowly yellowed over time. I never smoked or drank coffee, and my dentist just said that the change in color was due to age. I really, really wanted to whiten my teeth so I started looking for various options. I decided that I wanted to do a laser whitening treatment... READ MORE

This was the worst experience of my life! I just got Zoom today! My teeth have been hurting severely ever since! I went and bought some Orajel, but the sensitivity is unbearable...not worth it! READ MORE

Is my Dentist and is by far the best in the west. very professional and everyone that works there is very personable and relaxed. READ MORE

Pros - Only a few zingers, but this depends...are your teeth sensitive? Cons - Why I waited so long... After seeing many of the reviews here, I almost cancelled my appt. I'm so glad I didn't. I did all 4 sessions lasting 15 minutes a piece. The process is a bit uncomfortable as you sit... READ MORE

After sitting there uncomfortable for an hour. I did not notice any difference, other than being negative $578.00. I feel like that was money just giving away. My dentist didn't notice any changes as well. I later talked to a friend who is a hygienist in Florida. stated that her dentist have... READ MORE

I decided to go for the zoom treatment AFTER I had read all of these reviews because instead of believing everything I read, I asked my hygenist. She informed me that she does about two zoom whitenings a week which means over 200 in two years. She then told me only one person in two years has... READ MORE

The light on your teeth is ok for the first 2 treatments. It feels like toothpaste that's a little to hot. When it was time for the 3rd treatment there 15 minutes apart. The lady at the dentist did say some pain once the 3rd treatment. Well was fine until 9 mins in the 3rd procedure. The... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Zoom Whitening ranges from $79-$1,200 with an average cost of $375. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 398 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more