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Zoom whitening is a teeth-bleaching procedure performed in a dentist's office. After a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the area, breaking down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the teeth intact. Some users experience comfortable procedures, while others have reported a great deal of pain. Treatments typically last about an hour and may result in up to eight shades of improvement. LEARN MORE ›

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Painful but So So So Worth It! - Thailand, TH

Ok so as part of my mummy makeover I am getting EVERYTHING done. Today was zoom whitening. I can vouch for the fact it freaking kills!!! First 15 minutes slight twang 2nd ow ow ow 3rd was hell!!! It is still twangy and painful now but the results speak for themselves. Incredible. Plus I got... READ MORE

Totally Amazing - Sacramento, CA

I'm 22 and this is the second time I went to a brand new dentist due to my dads insurance changing. At 1 this very afternoon, I went in for fillings and did the whitening right after. The technicians took special care to make sure every single inch of my gums was covered so as not to be exposed,... READ MORE

Horrible - Beware - Charlotte, NC

I just went to the dentist and had the zoom whitening done. It was horrible pain from being to end. (4-15 minute treatments) I wasn't smart enough to tell them to stop as I figured I would be OK and what is a hour of pain if my teeth were white and beautiful. (I'm getting front crowns replaced... READ MORE

AWESOME Dentist and Staff! - The Woodlands, TX

I went to get my teeth whitened, because my smile means a lot to me! I had the Zoom Whitening done by another Houston Dentist in 1995 & the outcome was very disappointing, plus more expensive. I have never trusted another dentist, until I found Dr. Scott Young...I can't say enough good... READ MORE

The Best Thing I Have Ever Done for my Appearance! - Winter Park, FL

I decided to do ZOOM! because my teeth were horribly stained due to medications I was on as a child for a condition I had. That, coupled with not having gone to the dentist in over two years due to unemployment and lack of insurance really took a toll on my teeth and it had gotten to the point... READ MORE

Painful but Really Works! - Chicago, IL

I am getting married in September so I wanted to have nice pearly whites for my big day. I went to my dentist after work and got it done in an hour. When I arrived the assistant offered me some water and two advils, she mentioned it would help with the sensitivity. Then the dentist explained to... READ MORE

Zoom - Bakersfield, CA

This does take about a hour and half for the whole process, under the zoom light for 3-4 15 min sessions, I believe I was under 4 times and it took a hour - they do their best to protect your gums but I noticed a small buring sensation on 2nds and 4the sessions in different areas. No real... READ MORE

Shocking Experience - Modesto, CA

To me it was like extreme makeover for your teeth. It feels warm and does hurt though. I had three turns done. The first session one tooth zinged. The second sessions I was fine. The third session it hurt for awhile. It feels really warm on your gums... and I was a... READ MORE

Worked Pretty Well - Alaska

I got zoomed about a week ago. After reading reviews I was afraid it was going to hurt pretty bad and I was nervous. But during the procedure I only experienced one minimal "zing." After the process was over, there were some more zings when I would open my mouth to talk. And those did... READ MORE

9 Months Ago and Still Worth It - Pennsylvania

I had braces as an adult and afterwoods I had horrible stains. I got talked into Zoom by my dentist, it was the best thing I've ever done for my mouth (besides braces). My smile is so much whiter. It's been 9 months and it is still so much whiter than my teeth were even before braces... READ MORE

So Worth the Money! Minimal Pain

When I read all the comments on the pain I was thinking on NEVER going back to the dentist, even for a check up! So, I did more searching and found some people don't even feel pain, it is some people with sensitive teeth that feel some pain. I went in and the dental assistant assured me she... READ MORE

Dr. F is a Master of His Craft! - Chicago, IL

I have been a smoker for the past 10 years and this was just the catalyst I needed to inspire me to quit. It has given me more confidence in job interviews and I have even decided to give it as a gift to my girlfriend. READ MORE

Advice for the Pain! - Sydney, Australia

I just had my teeth whitened this morning using Zoom whitening and am very happy with the results. Colour - went from mid range to best possible white (but not looking fake) Time taken - 90 minutes including a clean and 4 x 15 minute sessions Pain during the session - I had no... READ MORE

wow! - Lexington, NC

At 50 years old, my teeth are whiter than they were in high school (I have old porcelain crowns from then that are being replaced this week). I needed to replace the crowns & my dentist recommended whitening prior. 3 15-minute sessions made a dramatic difference! Now, instead of my old... READ MORE

worth it but beware of the pain!! - Los Angeles

I just came back from the dentist and had the zoom whitening procedure. 3 sessions all 20 minutes long. I had no complaints during the sessions however the last few minutes of the third session i felt about 3 tiny zingers. As soon as i was done i felt the ZANGERS yes i said ZANGERS. Calling them... READ MORE

Got Zoomed in Mexico

Was on the Yucatan to see some property. One of the American workers had her teeth repaired and whitened. I needed the same. Her dentist first drilled out and re-filled a molar. The next day he whitened with Zoom 2. I had some cutting edge sensitivity for the day. On day 3 he repaired chips to... READ MORE

Complete Misery but Gave Me Back my Confidence - Philadelphia

I had the whitening done after work one day and lets just say I had no idea what I was in for. The process itself lasts about 90 minutes or so, with 45 of those minutes actually dedicated to the whitening process. The "zingers" (as they lovingly refer to the shockwaves of pain that... READ MORE

Teeth Are Whiter but Still in Pain

Well, I took 2 ibuprofen and 2 tylenol with codeine after reading all these reviews last night!! I got tooth whitening because all the coffee and soda I drink has really taken a toll on my otherwise healthy teeth- they were a little yellowed. I went to my regular dentist, took the meds, then she... READ MORE

Not As Horrific As Some Reviews Claim

I can see why other people may have had problems with the pain. the procedure has uncomfortable moments and hours later my teeth are still a bit sensitive.the actual preparation for zoom is only mildly annoying. the impression for the trays were a bit uncomfortable. putting all the coverings... READ MORE

ZOOM Not Worth the Money Unless U Can Get a HUGE Discount

So I read a bunch of the reviews before I went & thus was very scared going in. I paid $69.00 because I had a new patient coupon with a cleaning and xrays. (you must enter normally charged price in review)I used Sensodyne for about a week before I went. At the office I expressed my concerns... READ MORE

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