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Using a strong bleaching agent, the teeth whitening process Zoom Whitening looks to brighten those pearly whites during your dental visit. LEARN MORE ›

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I had the ZOOM! whitening done this morning. I had 4 15-minute sessions with NO discomfort. My teeth are at least 6 shades whiter if not more. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results. It has been only 4 hours since I finished and I've had no 'zingers.' My teeth do feel... READ MORE

I went to my Dentist Dr L in blairsville pa and had zoom whitening done today almost cancelled due to write up and glad I didn't. It was great and a good outcome several stages whiter and there was not a pain of any kind. nothing came home and still nothing several hours later, there job and... READ MORE

Just had the Zoom whitening done yesterday and am glad I did not read any reviews on the procedure beforehand, otherwise I might not have had it done!!!! I woke up this morning and my teeth were the same as they were before my procedure except for one huge difference... They are really... READ MORE

I wanted to remove my wine and coffee stains and be more confident in my smile. READ MORE

I'm getting married in a few weeks so I signed up for teeth whitening at a nearby dentist in NYC and didn't think to ask questions. Last night I freaked myself out reading all the scary reviews on here. I almost canceled but decided I'd stick it out and stop it mid process if I... READ MORE

I've always wanted to do Zoom! But would never pay hundreds just to whiten my teeth, and then I found a deal for $99 from an on-line site called Groupon, free to join. My teeth weren't too bad, I smoked for 15 years, been almost 4 years now since I quit. Anyway, at that price I decided... READ MORE

After reading some of the reviews I was scared to death,but I opted to go for it. First the dental assistant put blue liquid on my gums that hardened to protect my gums.Then she applied the bleach to my teeth and put the ZOOM on for 10 minutes.She repeated this process 3 more times for a... READ MORE

Just did Zoom a few hours ago. I read many reviews and went in pretty much terrified but determined to have it done. I had my teeth cleaned immediately before the Zoom treatment so I was worried I'd be extra sensitive. Well, they stuffed gauze everywhere to protect my gums, and I guess... READ MORE

Crest White Strips and other whitening trays have never worked for me, so I decided to use professional whitening. My dentist gives patients the option to use nitrous oxide during uncomfortable or painful procedures at no additional charge. Using nitrous oxide makes the process extremely... READ MORE

Pros: Your teeth are whitened but only if you can stand all of the 15 minute sessions. Usually there are four. I got through 2 and a half before I practically screamed from the pain. Cons: This hurts! Whoever says Zoom does not hurt is lying. It is typical for you to get "zingers"... READ MORE

My dentist explained a possibility of "sensitivity" during and/or for 24 hours after the procedure. Never did I expect to have excruciating pain now for 8 hours and counting. The procedure burned and was miserable and I was literally crying as I ran to my car. I had extreme sharp... READ MORE

I had zoom done today and it sucks..the hygienist who applied it tried to show me the difference with a before and after picture but I seen absolutely no difference... then i had the most annoying sharp pains afterwards.. It takes 1 supid hour of your mouth ripped open while you have... READ MORE

* 2 Shades whiter from mildly yellow * Moderate but tolerable pain * Satisfied with decision I had Zoom whitening for just not very bright teeth. I have no major stains but they were fairly off-white/yellow. After my recent checkup - Healthy teeth, my dentist approved Zoom. The... READ MORE

Had Zoom done 2 weeks ago and I am not satisfied at all. First and foremost, I see no difference in the shade of my teeth! I made it through the whole procedure without any discomfort, but later that night and all of the next day I had horrible pain. I understand results will be different... READ MORE

As a few of the posters have said....OUCH!!!!!! Just took a Percocet and cant wait until tomorrow when supposedly the pain should subside. On the flip side, my teeth look great. I dont think I would do the Zoom again but I am hoping to maintain the whiteness with the bleaching trays they gave me... READ MORE

Hello all, I'm coming to you several hours after my Zoom! procedure was performed. I was on Groupon when I saw an advertisement for Zoom! and got curious. For hours, I researched horror stories at length, looked at youtubes and finally decided to go get whitening. I never use whitening... READ MORE

So, there was a promotion on the new ZOOM whitening, i got it done yesterday. First, these people on here who are saying how badly it hurt them and they got burned and that they're on pain killers etc etc. do not listen to them!! i went into this office so scared because of what these people... READ MORE

I had zoom whitening done 5 days ago and my teeth feel like they have been brushed with sandpaper. I feel like the enamel on my teeth is gone. They were very sensitive for the first 48 hours. The pain is gone now but my teeth are rough and very dry. I am going to another dentist tommorow for an... READ MORE

It was uncomfortable, but not painful, but I only made it thru 40 minutes, not the whole hour. Results were amazing, at least 4 shades lighter. READ MORE

Well, first let me say, If I hadn't gotten such a deal on this procedure I probably would have never done it only because of the normally big pricetag. Groupon.com had a deal for $99 treatment at a 5 star dentist in my area so I couldn't pass it up. So today I got the treatment done. Was... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Zoom Whitening ranges from $79-$1,200 with an average cost of $375. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 395 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more