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Using a strong bleaching agent, the teeth whitening process Zoom Whitening looks to brighten those pearly whites during your dental visit. LEARN MORE ›

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My dentist explained a possibility of "sensitivity" during and/or for 24 hours after the procedure. Never did I expect to have excruciating pain now for 8 hours and counting. The procedure burned and was miserable and I was literally crying as I ran to my car. I had extreme sharp... READ MORE

I had zoom done today and it sucks..the hygienist who applied it tried to show me the difference with a before and after picture but I seen absolutely no difference... then i had the most annoying sharp pains afterwards.. It takes 1 supid hour of your mouth ripped open while you have... READ MORE

* 2 Shades whiter from mildly yellow * Moderate but tolerable pain * Satisfied with decision I had Zoom whitening for just not very bright teeth. I have no major stains but they were fairly off-white/yellow. After my recent checkup - Healthy teeth, my dentist approved Zoom. The... READ MORE

Had Zoom done 2 weeks ago and I am not satisfied at all. First and foremost, I see no difference in the shade of my teeth! I made it through the whole procedure without any discomfort, but later that night and all of the next day I had horrible pain. I understand results will be different... READ MORE

As a few of the posters have said....OUCH!!!!!! Just took a Percocet and cant wait until tomorrow when supposedly the pain should subside. On the flip side, my teeth look great. I dont think I would do the Zoom again but I am hoping to maintain the whiteness with the bleaching trays they gave me... READ MORE

Hello all, I'm coming to you several hours after my Zoom! procedure was performed. I was on Groupon when I saw an advertisement for Zoom! and got curious. For hours, I researched horror stories at length, looked at youtubes and finally decided to go get whitening. I never use whitening... READ MORE

So, there was a promotion on the new ZOOM whitening, i got it done yesterday. First, these people on here who are saying how badly it hurt them and they got burned and that they're on pain killers etc etc. do not listen to them!! i went into this office so scared because of what these people... READ MORE

I had zoom whitening done 5 days ago and my teeth feel like they have been brushed with sandpaper. I feel like the enamel on my teeth is gone. They were very sensitive for the first 48 hours. The pain is gone now but my teeth are rough and very dry. I am going to another dentist tommorow for an... READ MORE

It was uncomfortable, but not painful, but I only made it thru 40 minutes, not the whole hour. Results were amazing, at least 4 shades lighter. READ MORE

Well, first let me say, If I hadn't gotten such a deal on this procedure I probably would have never done it only because of the normally big pricetag. Groupon.com had a deal for $99 treatment at a 5 star dentist in my area so I couldn't pass it up. So today I got the treatment done. Was... READ MORE

Today is August 24 2010 and I had this procedure done yesterday. The dentist starts out by putting a plastic thing in your mouth that holds your mouth open, then they cover your gums with gauze so that your gums are not exposed. They then put sunscreen on your nose and give you glasses to wear... READ MORE

I am a Dental Hygienist and I work at an office that offers Zoom whitening. I am not good at remembering to use bleach trays and I have always wanted to try zoom. I also wanted to know how to conduct a zoom whitening session and provide the protective covering for the gum tissue. Another dental... READ MORE

I had my procedure done 7 hours ago and I'm still feeilng the zingers. VERY painful!!!! It hurts just to breathe, which is hard to avoid. I would not recommend this especially if you have sensitive teeth. READ MORE

Neither the dentist nor hygenist at my south central Ohio cosmetic dental center mentioned possible pain. The pain I felt after the procedure was unreal. I was told repeatedly by the hygenist that I was the only 2 nd patient whod ever had pain that they treated. That seems hard to believe... READ MORE

I found a groupon.com Zoom special for $189 and couldn't pass it up. I'm getting married soon and thought it would be a great idea to have pretty whites for the photos. I didn't read any reviews so I had no idea that it could be painful. Note: I hate dental work, so I took a Xanax... READ MORE

I had the Zoom whitening done last week. There is about 30 minutes of prep work before the actual procedure starts. None of the prep is painful, just awkward. Impressions are taken for custom molds to be made. Your mouth is held open and something similar to a brush on rubber is placed all over... READ MORE

It made my front teeth less yellow, but not white by far. It did absolutely nothing for side teeth cause they are still as yellow as can be. Oh and the so called Zingers hurt like hell. Mine came in waves about every 10-30 seconds or so and it comes from all your teeth. Dentist had to... READ MORE

I only had the bottom teeth done to match new upper veneers scheduled for next week. The provider was careful to cover all gum tissue, I experienced no burning. The dentist is a certified cosmetic dentist. I felt the procedure was painless UNTIL the last 5 minutes of the 4th (out of 4)... READ MORE

I inherited naturally yellow-ish teeth from my parents so I decided to try Zoom Whitening. After looking over all of the reviews of Zoom on this website, I think its obvious that the treatment is different for everyone. Going into the procedure I hadn't done any research on Zoom and... READ MORE

Before I start my experience I want to say that i never had sensitive issues. the procedure took an hour consisting of four 15 minutes sessions. before each session the gel will be removed and a new one will be applied. the first session was great no pain or whatsoever. 2nd, ok but some teeth... READ MORE

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