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Only Lightened Two Shades - Los Angeles, CA

The process is tedious. The roots and gums hurt for about three days after. The worse part was, I was told my teeth were 3ed from the whitest sample tooth, but when I saw them in sunlight they were still yellowish. READ MORE

Great for the Price - Orlando, FL

I purchased Zoom from Groupon for $169. After purchasing I looked at reviews online and was horrified! Everyone seemed to have lots and lots of pain and I wasn't sure if I should go through with it because I do have some sensitive teeth. I decided to go to the consolation and expressed my... READ MORE

Zoom Review - Austin, TX

I decided to have Zoom to try to get my already pretty white teeth sparkling white. I didn't have a lot of stain, they were just not sparkling and I thought they could be better. I went in at noon for my Zoom and they prepped me which included putting a gel around my gums and a ton of cotton... READ MORE

Worth It! - Bolingbrook, IL

I had zoom Whitening yesterday. My teeth were becoming yellowish and I felt the need to whiten them a little. The procedure was very smooth and I didn't feel pain and felt minor sensitivity at the end of the 3rd fifteen minute session thank God since I was worried after reading... READ MORE

Damaged my Teeth Enamel - California

I had zoom done offered for free to new patients in 2009 and lost the enamel of my teeth. My teeth are white but not shiny anymore. I hope I had read all the reviews before have it done. My teeth lost the shiny finish. :( READ MORE

Painful - regret having it done - Pasadena, TX

I had Zoom Whitening performed in 2003 and regret having it done. First of all the advertisements about being able to get it done during your lunch hour were false, my session took about 3.5 hours. Secondly, the technician applied so much peroxide gel along my gum line that it actually blistered... READ MORE

Don't Do It - West Hills, CA

I had it done a week ago. My teeth looked good for like 48-72 hours and then the original color came back. I'm not a smoker or drinker. For 72 hours I drank milk and water and no foods with dyes. My top ones look slightly better but the top of the teeth, near the gumline, still look the same... READ MORE

Zoom Teeth Whitening

My teeth turned yellow following chemotherapy in 2010. This year I had my teeth whitened with zoom. The process is long but worth it. I experienced minor gum pain after. I am pleased with the results and recomend this to others in similar situations. READ MORE

Pain Temporary

Ok so the entire procedure is fine. the bleaching, the time, and the lamp cause no pain. WOW afterwards , you get these short sharp pain of your nerves freaking out.I had them for 18 hours they started to decrease as time went by. Afterwards my teeth probably got one to two shades lighter.... READ MORE

Just Had Teeth Zoomed Yesterday - Madison, OH

I am in the process of having all my front teeth resurfaced after years of chips and wearing away of the surface enamel. It was highly recommended that before I have the resurfacing done, that I have my teeth whitened by the Zoom process. I did so yesterday. The technician had to take molds... READ MORE

Ouch! - $99 treatment special and paid extra $50 for take home trays and 1 tube.

$99 treatment special and paid extra $50 for take home trays and 1 tube. first and second 15 minute stages went smooth.....although be prepared to have all this stuff in your mouth for an hour. my 3rd 15 min stage was no light and stronger whitener. I began to get zings right away.... READ MORE

Worth It but Read This for Help!

Experience was good. But no home-care kit provided. Here are a few thoughts: 1. As a medical professional I can say its a really bad idea to take any kind of NSAID or pain reliever BEFORE the procedure. I will explain why below. 2. Be vocal talk to your dentist make them work for... READ MORE

Ouch! But Nice - Birmingham, AL

Had this done today and I am having Zingers like no bodies business! But my smile is much white, yay! My teeth were pretty white when I went in, but my lower teeth were not, not sure why. Now they are even. I had 2 thirty min sessions back to back. And at first I had intense pain on my... READ MORE

I Got Zoomed - Texas

I got zoomed yesterday and I will say this.... There should be a class action law suit filed against these guys. I went in for this treatment with the understanding I should have sensitive teeth for a couple days.... No big deal... LOL I finished the procedure at 3pm.. with little... READ MORE

Zoom - Middlesex, UK

It works. Lovely white results. Although crowns, veneers or any non natural items in your mouth will not whiten, so careful of mismatched teeth. Have zoom done before any dental work so the colour can be matched to the whitened teeth. Sensitivity - It hurts a bit. The pulp(which discolours... READ MORE

great results - Massachusetts

4 sessions @ 15 minutes each. I little discomfort on the last session, only on my gumline. My teeth were not extremely yellow, but WOW what a difference afterwards. A few "zingers" over the course of the night & next morning, but not at all painful or uncomfortable. I love the fact... READ MORE

never again!!! - Washington, DC

I had been using trays and gels from my usual dentist for years anytime I wanted to freshen up my smile (get my teeth a little whiter). Every 6 months I would do the trays for about an hour a night for three nights and it worked great. However I lost my trays during a move. Around this time I... READ MORE

Excruciating Pain - Orlando, FL

8 hours later and the pain from this Zoom procedure is still incredible. Seriously, I had already determined that, after my first hour of these "zingers" ( as my hygienist called them), this was NOT worth it. Now, almost NINE hours after the procedure, I don't understand how this... READ MORE

Your Smile Will Endure - Des Moines, IA

Just got home from my Zoom appointment. I did a load of online research and read many reports of "zinger" pain being too intense. I didn't have to mention this to my dentist during the consultation - they told me all about it. The key was that it is different for everyone. All... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Not Worth Money/time/pain - Newton, MA

Only one shade whiter, at best. Needed to get whitening prior to shade-matching for new veneers next week. Zoom technician described options (in hindsight, I think she was encouraging doing the less expensive trays at home). Did all four 15-minute cycles (some people stop earlier... READ MORE

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