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Using a strong bleaching agent, the teeth whitening process Zoom Whitening looks to brighten those pearly whites during your dental visit. LEARN MORE ›

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4 sessions @ 15 minutes each. I little discomfort on the last session, only on my gumline. My teeth were not extremely yellow, but WOW what a difference afterwards. A few "zingers" over the course of the night & next morning, but not at all painful or uncomfortable. I love the fact... READ MORE

I had been using trays and gels from my usual dentist for years anytime I wanted to freshen up my smile (get my teeth a little whiter). Every 6 months I would do the trays for about an hour a night for three nights and it worked great. However I lost my trays during a move. Around this time I... READ MORE

8 hours later and the pain from this Zoom procedure is still incredible. Seriously, I had already determined that, after my first hour of these "zingers" ( as my hygienist called them), this was NOT worth it. Now, almost NINE hours after the procedure, I don't understand how this... READ MORE

Just got home from my Zoom appointment. I did a load of online research and read many reports of "zinger" pain being too intense. I didn't have to mention this to my dentist during the consultation - they told me all about it. The key was that it is different for everyone. All... READ MORE

Only one shade whiter, at best. Needed to get whitening prior to shade-matching for new veneers next week. Zoom technician described options (in hindsight, I think she was encouraging doing the less expensive trays at home). Did all four 15-minute cycles (some people stop earlier... READ MORE

Completely painless procedure in office. My teeth were sore that evening, but I did not use the sensitivity gel they gave to me; I did not need it. After reading reviews I was afraid it would be painful, I am a wuss; it did not hurt at all. I did not expect dramatic results after reading... READ MORE

Through an online coupon received a discounted rate. Took one hour and 45 minutes. My teeth look great. So worth it. Minimal discomfort!! READ MORE

This was the best procedure I ever had at a dentist visit. Went through the entire procedure in one sitting with no pain whatsoever. I am 56 and a coffee drinker and I went 6 shades lighter after the office treatment and maintain another 2 shades from the home treatment. I am proud of my smile now. READ MORE

Hurt a little, had a couple specks of pain, made my teeth sensitive for day, but my Iranian dentist said there's a phrase in Persian about "to acquire beauty, you must endure pain." I'd suggest bringing some headphones, sittin' still there for roughly an hour (3 sessions)... READ MORE

I read many of the reviews and was ready to cancel my appointment! I decided to keep the appt. and am very pleased I did so. There were 4 sessions, each lasting 15 minutes. The first 3 sessions were ABSOLUTELY painless. The 4th session had a few seconds of discomfort, but nothing like others... READ MORE

I had my zoom done at 6...four 15 minute sessions...made it through all four sessions...end of 3rd session got zingers...had 4th..had some zingers...it is 3 hours later still have zingers...come and go..irriatating but tolerble. no pain killers...but i do hope the zingers end soon. my teeth are... READ MORE

Purchased coupon online, so it wasn't as expensive. Went to my regular dentist for cleaning, x-rays, & check-up a couple days before Zoom. I've *never* had sensitive teeth or any tooth pain before and I was not uncomfortable during the zoom process - the light felt sort of warm on my... READ MORE

I'm really happy with my results. I read a lot of reviews and was really scared it would be too painful. I asked to stop as soon as I felt pain. I did 3 treatments and tried to do the fourth knowing the pain was coming and got a substantial jolt and that was it for me. I did get zingers... READ MORE

I got the procedure done in the office yesterday and the take home trays. Made it through 3 of the 4 treatments. Got about 2 shades whiter, but the pain is so not worth it. READ MORE

I was told that if I took a Benadryl or Nyquil I would be able to fall asleep through the procedure. I decided to take 1 hydrocodone and 1 800 mg ibuprofen just in case and figured I could try to sleep. I did not have pain up until phase 3 out of 4 of the procedure. I could feel extreme shocks... READ MORE

I only made it through session 2 of the 3. It felt like my teeth were being shocked and I literally wanted to jump off the table. By the time I got home my heart rate was elevated due to the pain and I couldn't help but cry. The pain was worse than any tooth ache I have ever had. My husband... READ MORE

I had really wanted to get my teeth whitened for my wedding. However... had I known I was be suffering the way I have been all day, I would I have NEVER have done it! I am miserable as we speak from these. The Zingers are horrible. I didn't feel anything until a few hours after it was done.... READ MORE

I had this procedure done at 10:30am. Three sessions at 15 minutes each. I had just gotten 7 mini dental implants the week before and dentist threw in the whitening for free. Normally costs $350. Procedure went very smooth, no discomfort whatsoever, no gagging. It was a breeze. That was... READ MORE

Love my results!!! Definitely worth it, but the zingers are very discomforting. I am still getting them :( It's been about 3 1/2 hours since the procedure. I'm hoping it stops soon! I would do it again though, it is worth the pain. No pain no gain! READ MORE

Purchased service thru GroupOn. Did some research first and decided to go for it. Discussed the procedure with both the dentist and the dental tech. Was impressed by the thoroughness of protection to my lips, cheeks and gums, which can be irritated by the lightening goop. The tech warned me of... READ MORE

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