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Zoom whitening is a teeth-bleaching procedure performed in a dentist's office. After a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the area, breaking down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the teeth intact. Some users experience comfortable procedures, while others have reported a great deal of pain. Treatments typically last about an hour and may result in up to eight shades of improvement. LEARN MORE ›

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I recently purchased a groupon for Zoom whitening at Polite Dental Care in Parsippany, NJ. Booking the appointment over the phone was simple, and I'm hoping to achieve significant whitening from this session. However, I am apprehensive about the tooth pain and sensitivity commonly reported as a... READ MORE

I had the most wonderful experience ever. The procedure was about an hour and foutry five minutes.An hour to prep and 45 minutes for the zoom. Three sessions which was about 15 minutes long. I travelled to Florida to have it done and was in communication with Annie before everything. She was so... READ MORE

I'm getting married in August and was finding my teeth looking dull and yellow. I visited Dr Saghezchi and learned not only that they do zoom but have a variety of aesthetic procedures. I was so pleased to find that I could get my smile brightened but also have fillers, hydra facials and even... READ MORE

Hello,my teeth has been one of my many insecurities until now,I decided change is good and I've heard about some great results from zoom teeth whitening so I decided to go thru with it. Pain was one of my many concerns but THANK GOD IT WAS PAINLESS!i didn't feel a thing during or after the... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give everyone my input of the zoom whitening that I just got yesterday! (05/31/16) I should've been more in depth seeing some people had a groupon but now I know! So a warning to all, ITS PAINFUL BUT BEAUTY IS PAIN. I was doing good the first round but right into... READ MORE

I had wanted to get Zoom whitening for a while, but I was either pregnant or breastfeeding the past few years. I am done with that phase so my husband got me Zoom as a gift. I went in to the dental office, they took some pictures of my teeth before and got me set up. I did 3 rounds at the medium... READ MORE

My teeth were different shapes and were stained from lots of coffee. I am sure we all have something we don't like. I am glad that I went thru this process as it is coming out better than I imagined. The cons here are that it does take a few hours in the dental chair and worth the long-term... READ MORE

I got this done for my wedding and was very happy with the results. I have done a lot of at home whitening over the years and found Zoom less "zappy" than other options such as crest. Over all not bad. I drink pop and eat steak and other things that stain your teeth and I used to be a... READ MORE

After years of smoking, drinking tea and coffee and acquiring some unsightly yellow teeth, i'd been interested in getting them whitened. Skeptical of the cheaper whitening packages offered on groupon and at beauty clinics, and after much research on realself.com I decided Zoom was the system I... READ MORE

I found a $129 groupon for zoom whitening at a dentist near where I live. I've been thinking about getting zoom for a while but was holding off because of my concern about the pain and sensitivity it may cause. I've never had problems with sensitive teeth, and I cant tolerate much pain in my... READ MORE

Have Zoom whitening today..I wanted this so much,since I have some kinda yellow teeth..most of my teeth have fillings,so I'm scared that those will be super sensitive ..I have 4 tooth implants too,so I thought before my 2nd stage and frowns I gotta get zoom,replace my old dis colored fillings... READ MORE

Decided to try zoom. Found a great dentist online and actually had a deep cleaning done by them about 2 weeks before the zoom. They were having a sale on zoom for $299 which was amazing because I was planning on paying around $600 when I booked the consultation. I brushed for 2 weeks with a... READ MORE

It's was very painful afterwards! Seriously! So totally worth it tho! Only experienced a few zingers during the procedure. I went in and had 4 segments of the treatment 15 mins each. The sent me home with impressions and a sealant which didn't help much to be honest, lol. And I also purchase... READ MORE

Made this appointment before reading RS reviews and now I'm sitting in the waiting room terrified lol. I do have sensitive teeth and am scared of the "zingers". My teeth are already a decent white, but I'm pretty vain and want them bright white! I've been using sensodyne toothpaste for the past... READ MORE

I'm not a smoker, wine drinker coffee/tea drinker. Teeth were prett white before zoom; but after zoom ultra while- perfect results. Procedure took about an hour. Just lay there with a Mouth guard, gel and light. I didn't realize there would be "pain" but it was manageable. And maybe lasted a few... READ MORE

I just wanted to say the zingers were horrible but got past them after a day or so. And I'm pleased with how they turned out. Also I only made it half way through my third session. I don't take my pictures with my mouth open because I was so ashamed of my smile. It literally depressed me, but... READ MORE

I started seeing a new dental office that I absolutely adore. They are always so sweet, positive and informative. So far I've had my cleaning and x-rays followed by the zoom yesterday. I highly recommend South center Dental in Tukwila Wa! Amazing group of people and amazing team. They always... READ MORE

Still feel the pain, 30 mins after procedure. But I am satisfied with the result. Even though, my teeth after Zoom are not super bright white like others, but that how my natural color is. And Im happy with it. Make sure you check on groupon for discounts though. Value was $600 but with groupon... READ MORE

I got this Groupon some time ago, and it was about to expire, so I had to use it. As I wrote in my title, I really wish I went through the last session. The only reason I decided to stop after my second session is because it was my first time, and I wasn't sure how painful it could be. How... READ MORE

*Note: I apologize about the blurry before photo. I don't have many pics of my teeth prior to the procedure, but, this was only two weeks ago and you can see how discolored they are. I purchased a Groupon for Zoom from Artistic Beauty and Laser in Tampa. The technician (Gina?) was so sweet, and... READ MORE

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