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Xeomin contains botulinum toxin type A, the same active ingredient found in Botox and Dysport. The only botulinum toxin that does not require refrigeration, it's used off-label to smooth facial wrinkles.

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26f wanting to look younger on a budget

Hi! I'm a 26yr old female looking to start making strides towards keeping myself looking young. I have been noticing some minor forehead wrinkles beginning to appear more pronounced. After looking around for a deal on something injectable I decided on xeomin. Xeomin allows you to continue to... READ MORE

Great Results - Tampa, FL

Dr. Scheiner is the best. The lines in between my eyes, the "bunny" wrinkle at the top of my nose, and the crows feet are all gone with the Xeomin injections, and I don't look frozen. I couldn't be happier. I won't go to anyone else for my procedures. Dr. Scheiner teaches those "part time" guys. READ MORE

Xeomin Now my Prefered Choice - New Zealand, NZ

My first toxin treatment was "british Botox" (ie Dysport) 60u for my frown when I was 26. LOVED IT. then I had 20u Botox botox and it didn't work, then 30u, sort of worked, 40u just in my frown and finally it was frozen for 3 weeks then started wearing off. So I was a Dysport girl for 11 years... READ MORE

Xeomin VS. Botox. Downey, CA

After going to Dr. Patel's office, I was determined to get Botox for a clean, fresh and soft look on my face. When meeting the Dr. she offered an alternative product Xeomin, another form of Botox. Thinking about the reputation of the brand, Dr. Patel assured me that the product was parallel to... READ MORE

Premature Wrinkles Fixed with Xeomin - Estero, FL

I never wanted to be the girl who was getting procedures done in my early twenties who looks like a wax figurine by the time I'm 40, but I had been noticing some unattractive forehead wrinkles that left some distinct lines even when my face was expressionless and I wanted to do something about... READ MORE

29 Year Old Botox Lover, but my PS Nurse Ran out of Botox to Tried Xeomin - Colorado Springs

1st Day So far so good. I got a little anxious because I've only done Botox in the past so trying something new was scary. However, I trust the staff at where I go so I got 20 unit of Xeomin 8 in each 'crow feet' area, and 2 above each eye brow to raise them slightly as I just got 30 unit of... READ MORE

46 year old giving up on XEOMON

I have had multiple treatments with XEOMIN in the past and was never fully satisfied because I barely saw any results. I thought maybe my doctor wasn't using enough units but she assured me that the amount she was using was already above "average" and she wouldn't recommend any more. I recently... READ MORE

26f wanting to look younger on a budget

Hi! I'm a 26yr old female looking to start making strides towards keeping myself looking young. I have been noticing some minor forehead wrinkles beginning to appear more pronounced. After looking around for a deal on something injectable I decided on xeomin. Xeomin allows you to continue to... READ MORE

Dr. Fabi, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Artist

Dr.Fabi performed Xeomin and Belotero injections on me for facial rejuvenation, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She is as much an artist as she is a doctor. From our first meeting she made me feel comfortable and confident in her knowledge of the products and the procedures. She... READ MORE

Goodbye Wrinkles - Las Vegas, NV

I have had Xeomin/Botox several times at different locations here in Las Vegas prior to finding and visiting Dermabella Medical Spa (Dr.Dempsey). She far exceeds all expectations. She is knowledgeable, caring, and does the best fillers I've ever had anywhere. I will definitely be returning for... READ MORE

My Bad Results with Xeomin... - Fort Myers, FL

I don't think it was the product, I think it was the injector, whom is supposedly a "renown" PS in Fort Myers FL. Went for a face lift consult & decided to have Xeomin treatment done by him, while I was there. Was due for my "Botox".... I have used Botox, & Dysport on regular basis for... READ MORE

Xeomin and Radiesse

I always have the best experience I go to see Dr. Dickerson's office! The office staff is kind and friendly. Dr. D always gives a hug, asks me how my family and work is... and the treatments I've received there from facials to fillers has always been exceptional. Lastly, they're efficient -... READ MORE

Xeomin is the Best - Eatontown, NJ

I had initially went in to get a botox treatment to the area about my top lip. I have a great smile but my gum is a little higher on the left and lower on the right. So to make it look even I wanted the botox to lower my top lip a bit. My Mrs. Burk recommended xeomin instead, and I haven't... READ MORE

Expertise Laced in Kindness

Initially, I was somewhat nervous about the Xeomin procedure but Dr. Gutowski's professional, efficient, and calm manner truly put me at ease. Dr. Gutowski was very thorough in explaining to me areas that would benefit me without overcompensating, giving me a very natural appearance. The... READ MORE

Best Botox Experience... Would Absolutely Recommend - Saint Louis, MO

Dr. Couch was recommended to me by a friend, who was extremely happy with the botox treatments he had done for her. I discussed with him what I wanted, and he took the time to listen to that and give me his expert opinion on what he thought would be best for me. He was very honest about what he... READ MORE

Xeomin - Bozeman, MT

Pam Burrows treated me. I had my frown lines (deep eleven) treated. I've had Botox 3 times before. This was my best treatment yet. The staff was great and very affordable. Pam is amazing along with Kristen! Pam was very thorough in explanation of procedure and took the time to tell me exactly... READ MORE

Exomin - Hoffman Estates, IL

Michelle is great. Have been going to her for years . She is an expert and her results prove it. You can tell her what you want improved and she can achieve it. Ive gone to others before I found her but will never go anywhere else now. She also offers any promotional offers from... READ MORE

15 Units Xeomin for Frown Lines - Indianapolis, IN

I met Dr. Brillhart for the first time today for a consultation. I noticed an in-room flyer about Botox for $9.50/unit, which is almost as inexpensive as it can get. So I got some in my frown lines. It was quick and easy and I was glad he quickly accommodated me even though I didn't have it... READ MORE

Xeomin Vs Botox

I won't be using Xeomin again. Don't be fooled by MERZ Visa cards. There is reason why they give out $50-$100 Visa card because their product is poorly made. I would recommend Botox. Botox lasts longer and better than Xeomin. I have used both product, with Xeomin I have to get more injection... READ MORE

Developed an Immunity to Botox and Immune to Xeomin - Newmarket, ON

I started using Botox at least 15 years ago. I began with modest amounts of units with great results. I then wanted the frozen, wrinkles look for my forehead. I was given 45 units. It was spectacular and lasted 6 months. The next time, I received the same amount. I was fighting a flu at... READ MORE

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