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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs. The machine combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area. You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones.

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Two Sessions in and See a Difference - Central Valley, CA

I have only had two sessions thus far. I wanted first to concentrate on my upper arms and then my lower, inner thighs right above my knees. I can definitely see a difference after only two sessions. I know VelaShape is not permanent, and I intended to do my full eight sessions once a week and... READ MORE

Velashape Works.. But One Has to Be Realistic

I will say that I work out quite a bit. But in all my years of eating properly, and exercise, I have problem areas due to genetics. I work in the medical field and I will say I was wary of this treatment. I considered lipo for the back of my thighs and abdomen to get rid of my mommy pooch... READ MORE

VelaShape After Slim Lipo - Jacksonville, FL

I had Slim Lipo on my abs and inner thighs on May 18, 2011 and was give 3 VelaShape treatments. I had the first treatment on June 9, 3 weeks after my surgery. The technician was first worried that it was too soon after my surgery and that it would be too painful. She told me if it was too... READ MORE

Worth It - Modesto, CA

I won 4 treatments in a raffle, I was very skeptical, so I had my boyfriend take my own before and after pics. I had previously done a lot of research on the treatment, I just couldn't get myself to spend that kind of money with no guarantee of results. However, after 4 treatments I am... READ MORE

Great Treatment, Positive Results - New York

Completed a series of 6 treatments with Dr. H on the Velashape2 and I'm pleased with the results. She spent the time explaining the procedure and what type of results I could expect. It was only after 3rd treatment that I started to see the slight changes in my waistline and cellulite on... READ MORE

does not work - New York

It simply did not work. Pain no big deal, bruising very little. But it did not work. No changes. Just a badly lit before picture and an amazingly lit after. Try this at home, take a picture with liight only from a side or top, NO FLASH, and one in the same exact spot with... READ MORE

Velashape Works! - Chicago, IL

Velashape worked for me and my friends! I had one 45 minute session thus far and i can visually see the difference. The key is to drink close to a gallon of water within 24 hours of the session. That is the only way you're going to flush the fat cells. (I know its working for others because... READ MORE

Noticeable Change After First Treatment - Padadena, CA

I was incredibly skeptical, but it seemed to work and I have only had one treatment. I got a coupon for 3 treatments for $100. I think it is normally far more expensive. It didn't feel good when they were doing it, but it definitely didn't hurt. It felt like getting a hicky from a... READ MORE

Calls to the Desperate but Does Not Deliver - Toronto, ON

Was told I would get to consult with a nutrionist but didn't get the opportunity. told to take some wierd soup - which I made and gave me the runs. Also told to not drink pop caffine etc. So was it the diet of tecnhique that was supposed to work. I was trainign for a 1/2 marathon at the... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Toronto, ON

I bought two separate packages for Velashape of 20 treatments each. I used it mainly on mi tighs, hips, and buttocks. I have cellulite and used it as well because I was told it will help to tighten loose skin. Honestly, I did not see a major difference on my cellulite or my skin elasticity after... READ MORE

Velashape is the Icing on the Cake After Smartlipo - Redmond, WA

After my gastric bypass 2 years ago and then Smartlipo done 4 months ago, I feel that the key to the success of the Smartlipo has been the Velashape Treatments. Velashape is a 3 point treatment - mechanical massage, heat and suction. It has smoothed out my abs and flanks where I had the... READ MORE

Hurt Too Much and Didn't Work - Schaumburg, IL

Tried the Velashape for my stomach and went through 6 treatments. Didn't work. Very painful--and when she tried the thighs OMG! It felt like someone pinching you really hard. READ MORE

No Result, Painful, Waste of Time & Money - Denville, NJ

I suffer from cellulite and read that VelaShape was the first and only FDA-cleared medical device for body re-shaping. Since it's non-invasive, I thought I'd try it. It sounded too good to be true and it was. The idea that VelaShape feels like a hot stone massage is ridiculous. It... READ MORE

With Velashape No Significant or Visible Change - Edmonton, AB

At a height of 5.5 and with a weigh of 119 lbs I don't like the cellulite on my buttocks, hips and the backside of my thighs. A year ago I already tried endermology. Although I could "feel" a difference after 15 treatments (the dimples under the skin felt flatter) I couldn't... READ MORE

A Costly "Joke"

I had talked with staff over a year before finally doing the velashape. I had what they called stage 2 of cellulite on thighs and lower bottom. Stage 2 meaning you could see it when I was standing but laying down you couldn't. I was assured over and over through out a year that this would... READ MORE

Velashape Body Contour - San Jose, CA

I had 10-12 body contour sessions, and my before and after pictures look the same. The representative who performed the procedures agreed with me, the only difference that was noticed was smoothing but she couldn't confirm that that was a result of the procedures of the cellulite cream I... READ MORE

Worked Well - Berkeley, CA

I am on my second cycle of VelaShape. I had my first cycle a year ago. It works well for me. My first cycle was hips/thighs/abdomen. My current cycle is abdomen/arms. During both cycles I experienced a reduction in the circumference of the treated part. In fact, after my first cycle... READ MORE

Vellashpae Hurts!!!!!!-Ontario

I'm into my 3rd vellashape treatment and boy does it hurt. It feels like the machine is trying to suck the top layer of my skin off while burning it. I'm getting vella on my tummy and have not seen results as yet. I'm signed up for 10-12 treatments.....I hope it get... READ MORE

Velashape Really Really Worked

I had 12 Velashape treatments and although it took a while my stomach is now half the size that it used to be! Here are a few tips to ensure your success: -Have the technician use the larger rolling head as opposed to the smaller pumping head, this is when I really started seeing results... READ MORE

Velashape Wasn't Worth It!

I loved my technician (even though I was burned a couple of times)but the treatment didn't work. After having three children the skin around my tummy has gotten very loose. I'm 5'4 and weigh 123 lbs. I exercise at least three times a week including boxing, strength training,... READ MORE

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