How Do I Find a Good Velashape Doctor?

How do I know if a Med Group knows the right technique for good results? I find Velashape clinics listed under the Velashape website, but that does not tell me of the length of experience, etc. It is available, but again I note that possibly the technique used varies. NS

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Finding a Velashape Doctor

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Thank you for your question. After visiting the Velashape website and looking at the list of doctors, try finding their website or their Real Self page. Even on this site, there are doctor ratings that can give you insight into their skill level and general patient satisfaction. Best of luck finding the right doctor for your treatment.

VelaShape results are definitely technique-dependent. You want an office with LOTS of experience!

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VelaShape treatments are very technique-dependent.  It takes time and effort to reach the appropriate clinical endpoint (twice) during each treatment to get good results.  It is entirely possible to have a series of inexperienced treatments and see no results at all.  At the end of a procedure, you should feel like you've had a vigorous hot massage.  Your skin should be pink and warm to touch. 

I guess the best way to find out someone's experience is to just ask them.  My office has completed clinical trials using VelaShape, and we were one of the first in the nation to have the device, so we've got lots of experience.  But I doubt you want to travel from CA to GA :)

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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