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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs. The machine combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area. You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones. LEARN MORE ›

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I was a skeptic of Velashape but once I understood how it works and committed to the 6 sessions, the backs of my thighs look amazing. After my first session, i did get a touch of bruising which my tech told me about. I took arnicka which helped the bruising go away faster. After each... READ MORE

Well I've had my first session hurt a little but the lady Jenny who done it was lovely cant see much difference as of yet but still got 5 to go hopefully cellulite will improve for my hols in my bikini will keep you all updated READ MORE

OK, so it claims that Velashape treatment does not hurt. I have have many MAJOR accidents and surgery's stemming from them. Gave natural child birth twice. I have a high tolerance of pain. This HURT. I dreaded each visit. It like have a giant pinch the back of your legs as hard a possible..... READ MORE

I got a groupon for 3 treatments for $99. at another location I got 3 treatments for $159 so saved money there. I've had vela shape done on my Abs twice already. The 2 nurses were really nice, the first time it was very very uncomfortable & i was bruised a bit. It was warm,... READ MORE

I am the biggest skeptic, but I used a Groupon and took a gamble after researching and reading about it on Dr. Oz's website. I bought 6 treatments for a total of $375 and went in weekly. I just finished my 5th and I really can see a difference. I had it done on the back of my thighs which I... READ MORE

I actually only paid around $150 by purchasing a Groupon 86% off deal to try 6 Vela treatments valued at $1500 dollars. First the spa links to a "Doctors" video that says that Vela is the non-surgical lipo-suction but the machine on the video is NOTHING at all like the toy-looking hand... READ MORE

Know before you go! I was told at my fist apt DURING THE TREATMENT.. Not before at my consultation... 1. DRINK DRINK DRINK they want you to drink a gallon of water the day of your treatment and then drink as close to that per day as possible for duration of treatments. 2. SWEAT! You... READ MORE

Was VERY dissapointed! Waste of alot of money and time. I did lose inches but once I was done with my 12 treatments the inches came back. Noticed no difference!! Wish I never did it and used $1500 for something better or justed saved it. Also American Lazers was not a good atmosphere. Had a... READ MORE

I'm thin exercise at least 5 times a week but still have cellulite had it done on my thigs and did not see any improvements after 6 sessions would not do it again READ MORE

I recently found a coupon like a "groupon" for 4 Velashape treatments for the price of $99. I have been looking into Velashape for a very long time, but always found to be too expensive. The last time I got quoted, I was told that it would be around $150 per session and I would need a... READ MORE

I have had two of four sessions booked. I workout 4-5 days a week and eat very healthy. I still had some stubborn cellulite on the back of my thighs. I am very happy so far. I can't wait until my next appointment tomorrow. I wouldn't think this device would work that well for someone... READ MORE

I have only had two sessions thus far. I wanted first to concentrate on my upper arms and then my lower, inner thighs right above my knees. I can definitely see a difference after only two sessions. I know VelaShape is not permanent, and I intended to do my full eight sessions once a week and... READ MORE

I will say that I work out quite a bit. But in all my years of eating properly, and exercise, I have problem areas due to genetics. I work in the medical field and I will say I was wary of this treatment. I considered lipo for the back of my thighs and abdomen to get rid of my mommy pooch... READ MORE

I had Slim Lipo on my abs and inner thighs on May 18, 2011 and was give 3 VelaShape treatments. I had the first treatment on June 9, 3 weeks after my surgery. The technician was first worried that it was too soon after my surgery and that it would be too painful. She told me if it was too... READ MORE

I won 4 treatments in a raffle, I was very skeptical, so I had my boyfriend take my own before and after pics. I had previously done a lot of research on the treatment, I just couldn't get myself to spend that kind of money with no guarantee of results. However, after 4 treatments I am... READ MORE

Completed a series of 6 treatments with Dr. H on the Velashape2 and I'm pleased with the results. She spent the time explaining the procedure and what type of results I could expect. It was only after 3rd treatment that I started to see the slight changes in my waistline and cellulite on... READ MORE

It simply did not work. Pain no big deal, bruising very little. But it did not work. No changes. Just a badly lit before picture and an amazingly lit after. Try this at home, take a picture with liight only from a side or top, NO FLASH, and one in the same exact spot with... READ MORE

Velashape worked for me and my friends! I had one 45 minute session thus far and i can visually see the difference. The key is to drink close to a gallon of water within 24 hours of the session. That is the only way you're going to flush the fat cells. (I know its working for others because... READ MORE

I was incredibly skeptical, but it seemed to work and I have only had one treatment. I got a coupon for 3 treatments for $100. I think it is normally far more expensive. It didn't feel good when they were doing it, but it definitely didn't hurt. It felt like getting a hicky from a... READ MORE

Was told I would get to consult with a nutrionist but didn't get the opportunity. told to take some wierd soup - which I made and gave me the runs. Also told to not drink pop caffine etc. So was it the diet of tecnhique that was supposed to work. I was trainign for a 1/2 marathon at the... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Velashape ranges from $1,200-$3,000 with an average cost of $1,075. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 120 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more