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5 Sessions of Velashape - Results Were Approx 75% Improvement - Coquitlam, BC

I purchased a package of 5 Velashape Sessions from Body Bar Laser Clinic for the front and sides of my abdomen and spent $1100.00. I started noticing results 1 week after my 2nd treatment (I was going every Monday for this treatment). For the most part the treatment was painless, however once... READ MORE

Waste Of Money! - Wellington, FL

A coworker told me of the great results she had with Velashape after getting liposuction so I tried it. I had 12 treatments. It was painless and felt like a suction/massage. At first the back of my legs looked smoother but the results faded very quickly and the cellulite came back. There are... READ MORE

My Skin Feels Smoother - Medford, OR

After one treatment of the velashape my husband asked me if had started working out because my butt looked "tighter" yay! I can definitely tell a difference in my skin texture and my jeans felt like they fit better. I have recently had a baby and I cant wait to do the velashape on my belly to... READ MORE

Dont Waist Your Money or Time! - Raleigh-Durham, NC

I was so hopeful with this treatment,however I was very disappointed. Paid for 8 sessions, driving over 2 hours round trip every week.No results. I.got 4 free sessions, because there was no change. That didn't help either. I strongly suspect it may have something to do with the technicians... READ MORE

Barely a Change - New Jersey, NJ

Had 5 treatments altogether. Signed up for 4 but because the results were so poor, they threw in 1 for free. I think that if I had 6 treatments, I would have seen a decent improvement. I have been exercising my whole life and my thighs have cellulite on front and saddlebags. I am not comfortable... READ MORE

Velashape - Waste of Money and Unrealistic

I had traditional lipo in 2006. I had gained some fat back under the bra line and aross my low back. I was one of those starry eyed people excited about the promise of non-invasive and "affordable" cellulite/fat reduction. Of course, they just happen to have the buy one get one free... READ MORE

Very Minimal Results - Edmonton, AB

I had what the technician called level one and level two cellulite meaning level one could be seen with pressure and level two could be seen visibly with the eye althought it was not severe. I had six treatments, each one week apart from a skilled technician. Part of the key to success in... READ MORE

Ineffective and Not Worth the Money - Centennial, CO

I bought a special on Groupon for a total of 8 Velashape treatments on my saddlebags and 6 treatments on the inner-knee area, spaced one week apart. In addition to not seeing any results, the owner of the facility didn't even seem to know where the saddlebag area was, and started giving me a... READ MORE

$3000,00 Down the Drain: Don't Do It - San Jose, CA

This is a complete waste of money , after 3 treatments, the provider had to take a trip to Italy and was gone for a week. She resumed treatment of 3 more. Nothing happened, recommended consultation for lipo for an additnal $9000.00' I didn't go for it. Advice: don't waste your money on Veashape. READ MORE

First Treatment- Uncomfortable but Worth It - Atlanta, LA

My practice gave it to me as part of my total package included with my liposuction. I chose to use it on my thighs since my abs will be sore for quite some time. First of all, it's very uncomfortable. The device heats the skin (which is suppose to do) and uses rather firm suction to melt... READ MORE

Having my 5th Treatment Tomorrow - Maple Ridge, BC

I bought 12 sessions because I am going to Brazil next month and I wanted to smooth out my legs. I am also doing Mesotherapy with it and I had Lipo 6 years ago which not only left lumps everywhere but scar tissue too. After 4 treatments and 1 Meso my husband was totally shocked :) he said there... READ MORE

Velashape: Waste of Money - York, PA

I am 36 years old, 5'-1"and 128 lbs. I exercise but I have cellulite. I went to a consultation, then I gave them the money. They wanted all the money first. After I gave them the money, they cancelled appointments, and treated me different, didn't care about me.They were to busy to see me. I had... READ MORE

Velashape Let Down - Lansdale, PA

I had 8 treatments on my thighs. I was told at the consultation that I would have excellent results. Unfortunately, I did not see any change. I am not sure if any of the pictures that they advertised are the same people. I exercised and drank an increase in water as suggested but it was a... READ MORE

Minimal Results. Skin is Tighter but Bruising is Terrible - Queens, NY

The skin on my thighs is tighter after 5 sessions, which may be worth the money considering I got a great deal on groupon for 9 sessions at $199, but the bruising I get is terrible. I will post back after 9 sessions-but right now, I would trade the benefits for being able to wear shorts or... READ MORE

Waste of $1,400 - Highland Park, IL

I'm 25 years old and have pretty bad cellulite on my buttocks and thighs. I exercise and eat right but have poor genetics. It's embarrassing to be so young and have such a terrible condition. I've seen 60 year old women who have better skin than me. I went to get velashape for 6 treatments. The... READ MORE

Saw Immediately Results After One Session

I had original purchased 4 Velashape treatments through a special but after having a consultation done ended up getting the Smart Lipo first on my outer and inner thighs (see my review). I waited almost 5 months because of healing issues to get the Velashape done and feel it was a positive... READ MORE

I Look Great and Feel Great Thanks to VelaShape - Long Island, NY

I have two children and the pregancies left me with a loose tummy and cellulite on my thighs. My tummy is tighter and thighs are much smoother after only one session and I have five to go. I am so excited to see my final result. It was not painful it just felt like it would warm up the skin and... READ MORE

Velashape Did Not Work for Me, Unfortunately - Seal Beach, CA

I tried Velashape in the quest to reduce my cellulite, which has haunted me since I was 13. Unfortunately, Velashape did nothing more but waste an hour it of my life. I saw no difference of an kind. When something sounds to good to be tru, it usually is :( I wish I had not spent the money on... READ MORE

I Got Burned; No Results - Los Angeles, CA

I am getting ready for a photo shoot. I have been dieting and exercising 5-7 days a week. I am in shape but my abs need some help I decided to do velashape to tighten my abs. I have done my 5th session- no improvement plus I got burned- one inch burn mark. the place has been doing... READ MORE

Huge Waste of Money - Maple Grove, MN

Velashape is a colossal waste of money. I wish I had listened to the reviews on this website! I would say I potentially saw a 10% improvement in cellulite on the front and back of my thighs, which is a pitiful return for $1400. I had 7 treatments over the course of 8 weeks. I followed... READ MORE

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