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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs. The machine combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area. You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones.

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Ongoing Treatment After CoolSculpting and Seeing Brilliant Results. Liverpool, GB

Began with coolsculpting seen amazing effects from the treatment witch i did not think i would. I am now going on with VelaShape to enhance the results of the treatment. always enjoy visiting the Liverpool clinic and seeing the staff. I would recommend the clinic to anyone looking to have this... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old, in Good Shape, Eat Healthy but Have Stubborn Saddle Bags- It's Time for Them to Go! Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Emers is so incredible! I went to him because no matter how much I work out and eat right I could not get rid of the saddle bags... after a consultation he recommended 3 Velashape treatments to help tighten the skin and shrink the fat in the upper outer thigh. I noticed a difference after... READ MORE

Velashape II Mala Experiencia Columbia, CO

Hace un año, me sometí a un tratamiento con Velashape II y desde entonces he subido 14 kg y no he parado, estoy preocupada, pues el medico tratante me ha sometido a mas terapias del mismo producto y siento que me hacen el mismo efecto, engordar y multiplica la celulitis. No lo recomiendo, es u... READ MORE

It Doesn't Work! 31 Years Old, 2 Kids. - Beverly Hills, CA

I thought Velashape was my answer because it promotes to decrease cellulite and increase collagen which would also help with the elasticity in my legs (which went down hill after having two babies). I went through 8 sessions and NOTHING! I even had the girl increase the suction, which we thought... READ MORE

Velashape, 34 Years Old - Beverly Hills, CA

Over the past few years, I have started to develop cellulite on the backs of my thighs, which makes me very self-conscious. I heard about the new Velashape treatment which is supposed to be highly improved from previous versions, which gave me ok results. I decided to go to Spalding plastic... READ MORE

Velashape on Thighs Painful with No Improvement - Kennett Square, PA

I purchased 6 sessions through Groupon. I have cellulite on thighs and was hoping this would provide positive results. It was more painful than I anticipated (pinching and extreme heat to the point that I was counting the minutes). I almost didn't keep the remaining sessions but was willing... READ MORE

Bought a Package of 5 Sessions - Calgary, AB

I have to tell that it all depends on the person who is doing the treatment. I did it before in a laser clinic and had fabulous results but then one day I passed the spa where it was cheap and wanted to do it again. The lady did not know what she was doing and I had nothing but bruises. Now I... READ MORE

Velashape - First Treatment Yesterday - Tampa, FL

Im a 34 yo hispanic female with 2 kids and have had cellulite since i can remember. Im 5.9 and weight roughly 145 - 150. I decided to purchase this livingsocial because it was so unexpensive! i had my first treatment yesterday (we are working on my saddle bags mostly), there was no pain or... READ MORE

36 Yo Mixed Race Mother of 4 - Westchester, NY

I got a 4 session deal from LivingSocial for Body by Synergy and had my first session on my inner thighs today. My session was approximately 10 minutes (literally 5 minutes on each thigh). I'm not sure why when everywhere else is reporting at least 20 minutes. The tech used the Velashape II... READ MORE

Cellulite Got Worst - Vancouver, BC

I've got one of these coupons for a series of treatments and went for it. I just heard good things about Velashape and decided to do it as I was heading to a vacation in Brazil few months later. Besides the fact that was very painful ( even tho I did use a topic numbing cream), gives you lots of... READ MORE

Just Finished my 4th Treatment, Paid for 5 - Washignton, DC

I live in DC and found a provider of Velashape at a great cost (a package of 5 cost me $750 vs. the usual $300 per session). I had Velashape in the past (but only did 3 sessions) since it was a Groupon deal and I lived in Raleigh. I didn't see much of a difference the 1st 3 times, but now I am... READ MORE

Not Really Sure if the Tech Did This Right? - Los Angeles, CA

I bought a 6 session Velashape through Groupon with Cosmetic Laser Center of Beverly Hills. From what I've been reading, a session is supposed to be 45 min to an hour? Mine was only 10-15 minutes and was barely hot. It was like warm bath temp and felt like a sucker fish on my belly. I didn't see... READ MORE

Velashape Works for Me - Carlsbad, CA

I purchased 6 sessions to help fight the cellulite that I had on my tights for years. After 4 sessions I can see great improvement, I had visible "bumps" and they are almost completely gone, in the past i tried messages and all kind of creams but they never worked. I am 5.5, 125 lbs, eat... READ MORE

Velashape Really Works - Glendora, CA

I've had two sessions and I can already see the difference. I was even told my arms look smaller and they don't even know I did the velashape . I have a few more sessions and now really believe it will make a huge difference in the appearance of my arms. Less fat bumps and gross cellulite. M... READ MORE

Ridiculous Pain - California, CA

So, i just came back from what was supposed to be my first Velashape session but it hurt so much we had to stop almost immediately. The girl seemed to expect me to have unbearable pain and was repeatedly saying we could stop at anytime and I could get a facial instead. She indicated that many... READ MORE

5 Sessions of Velashape - Results Were Approx 75% Improvement - Coquitlam, BC

I purchased a package of 5 Velashape Sessions from Body Bar Laser Clinic for the front and sides of my abdomen and spent $1100.00. I started noticing results 1 week after my 2nd treatment (I was going every Monday for this treatment). For the most part the treatment was painless, however once... READ MORE

Waste Of Money! - Wellington, FL

A coworker told me of the great results she had with Velashape after getting liposuction so I tried it. I had 12 treatments. It was painless and felt like a suction/massage. At first the back of my legs looked smoother but the results faded very quickly and the cellulite came back. There are... READ MORE

My Skin Feels Smoother - Medford, OR

After one treatment of the velashape my husband asked me if had started working out because my butt looked "tighter" yay! I can definitely tell a difference in my skin texture and my jeans felt like they fit better. I have recently had a baby and I cant wait to do the velashape on my belly to... READ MORE

Dont Waist Your Money or Time! - Raleigh-Durham, NC

I was so hopeful with this treatment,however I was very disappointed. Paid for 8 sessions, driving over 2 hours round trip every week.No results. 4 free sessions, because there was no change. That didn't help either. I strongly suspect it may have something to do with the technicians... READ MORE

Barely a Change - New Jersey, NJ

Had 5 treatments altogether. Signed up for 4 but because the results were so poor, they threw in 1 for free. I think that if I had 6 treatments, I would have seen a decent improvement. I have been exercising my whole life and my thighs have cellulite on front and saddlebags. I am not comfortable... READ MORE

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