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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs. The machine combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area. You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones.

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AMAZING & CARING DOCTOR!!! I Am in Shape but MD, Jason Emer Made Me Look PERFECT!! Beverly Hills, CA

I had three Vela Shape treatments for my chest, to tight my skin. The results are spectacular!!! MD Jason Emer is an awesome doctor, very caring, professional and friendly. He has a very human approach as he answered all my questions and made me feel very confident during the treatment. I didn't... READ MORE

The Velashape 3 is Much Better Than Earlier Versions. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Had a pooch on my belly since i could remember. now that i'm 50 I decided to check into options but i'm not a fan of surgery. Then, I came across Phyzique that had the new velashape 3. My friend owns a med spa and I got a treatment but their device was an older version. this new version seems... READ MORE

Good Bye Thigh Cellulite and Hello Tight Tummy - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Today I had the pleasure of my first consultation at Phyzique. As soon as I arrived at the nicely decorated office I was greeted by the warm and friendly staff. I met with Mike who explained the procedure and process at length. I was very comfortable with the explanation and had my first... READ MORE

Velashape III - Vienna, VA

So I shelled out 450.00 to start treatment on the dreaded cellulite on the back of my legs(250.00) & added in the flanks(200.00). She was a very lovely person and was very pleasant through the whole procedure. She said her clients absolutely love this treatment so I'm hoping for decent results.... READ MORE

vela shape 3 - Glendale, CA

I had some cellulite on the side of my tights and I purchased a Groupon Package at the Brand Surgical Cosmetic Center. It didn't hurt at all, sometimes it burned a bit and the gal will turn down the heat. I'm in my third treatment and I have seen NO improvement whatsoever. My skin feels softer... READ MORE

Trying It Again - Newport Beach, CA

VelaShape DOES work, but it works better on some than others. It should also be known that VelaShape is on it's third machine, currently the VelaShape III. The earlier machines are probably still in use in some locations, however they do not have the same features, nor do they give the same... READ MORE

Made Cellulite WORSE! - Sarasota, FL

This is my first review on here, but I want to thank everyone who takes time to make honest reviews of their experiences with these many different products/procedures. My doctor got this machine right as I was about to have lipo done on my thighs. I'm pretty lean, and only had a couple places... READ MORE

Temporary Solution. New York, NY

I have EXTREMELY bad bad bad bad cellulite problems. I spent too much money all my life looking for answers. No on truly have answers for me. My first 10+2 session was $2,000.00 in 2009, later they gave me a discount for similar 10+2 at $1,250.00. This is at a very famous plastic surgeons office... READ MORE

52 and Hanging On! - Phoenix, AZ

I am not a big person at 5'5" and 115 lbs. I am open to laser and to date have been very happy with my ematrix on my face and neck. So, figured let's try the thighs with velashape. My thighs were fine as far as size and skin smoothness but in an effort of being proactive vs reactive, I... READ MORE

BODY FX Non-invasive Treatment for Cellulite - New York, NY

Velashape did not work for me although it did work for my girlfriend. I recently tried the new BODYFX laser treatment and my legs and butt do seem smoother. Full effect should be apparent in 4 months so I will update then. Doctor recommended 6-8 treatments (1 per week). I am curious if... READ MORE

It Works As Long As You Stay on a Diet - Bellevue, WA

As long as you follow the instructions they give you along with the vela it works. i was getting it for loose skin on my abdomen and it was working till i stopped. it doesnt do anything for stretch marks so ill be getting a tummy tuck to fix it permanently soon. if u refuse to get surgery u... READ MORE

42 Yr Old Mom of Twins and Baby Girl - Bellevue, WA

I had wanted to flatten/tighten my stomach after having three very large kids..was hesitant about a tummy tuck so decided to try body contouring. Did my full abdomen, flanks, hips done. After my procedure had Velashape offered and it was Amazing! !A MUST after any procedure that may cause scar... READ MORE

Velashape III Thighs, Calves and Buttocks - Elk Grove, CA

I'm having the procedure done for dimpling on Buttocks and Thighs, in addition, my calves are being done for skin tightening... Keep you posted on results, I'm doing 3 sessions on each area, however, the thigh area is divided into 3 sections. For a total of 15 appointments. Pictures and... READ MORE

Thyroid Issues - Dallas, TX

Velashape worked pretty well overall. I had not seen a difference after the first session ,but soon after the second session I really started to see a difference. Velashape is perfect if you have a specific target area that you can't shake of with just healthy eating and exercise. Velashape is... READ MORE

25 Years in Buenos Aires - Argentina, AR

Hi there! Yesterday i started this procedure in the back of my legs, which have a little cellulite, but most of all is localized fat which won't go away even with gym and diet. The first procedure was a little painful, and today i have bruises in my legs... but the woman who practiced it said... READ MORE

25 Year Old, 5'3 1/2, 133 Lbs, No Kids, Velashape So Far So Good - Guatemala

I had my first appointment for velashape last wednesday, got it applied on my legs. Its a sucking machine that heats up the area its working on, i could feel the fat and cellulite spread. From that first appointment i noticed less celullite, a healthier look, smoother, and less way less jiggly... READ MORE

42 Needing a Little Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

The entire experience with Dr. Emer and his office confirms and reinforces an environment of sheer professionalism, impeccable patient care, and tremendous knowledge and expertise of the most recent alternatives available for cosmetic procedures, especially non-invasive ones. Dr. Emer is an... READ MORE

25-Year-Old Woman Used Velashape for Horrible Thigh Cellulite - Chicago, IL

I got the Velashape treatment about 6-months ago for my horrible cellulite on the front and back of thighs. I went through American Laser Skincare, which recently went under and took $800 of my money with it so that sucked. I will tell you to be wise with your money in terms of these procedures.... READ MORE

Velashape for Cellulite Treatment - Overseas / Middle East

My Cellulite showed up early when I was 17 years old, I believe it's genetic ! I had not done anything about it till I became 27 years old and it was getting worse every year, but 5 months before my wedding in 2008 I heard from a friend back in the middle east, that there was a Fitness & Spa... READ MORE

Feels Good - No Real Benefit . . .

I have tried this procedure to correct problems created by a horrible Liposuction procedure that was supposed to correct small fat deposits on my hips and abdomen.  Huge promises were made by the manufacturer of this machine and also the clinics performing the treatment... READ MORE

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