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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs. The machine combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area. You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones.

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43 Years Old - VelaShape for Abs and Flanks - Miami, FL

I was always a skinny person with a pod belly. I also had cellulite on my belly ever since I can remember. Full disclosure I work for the center who did my treatment. I will post my take on the effectiveness of the treatment and my experience. I found that the treatment itself was very... READ MORE

39 Year Old No Children - Moorestown, NJ

Tried Velashape instead of lipo. Want to rid saddlebags and cellulite. I tried a groupin because normally each location is $175! I had back of legs and outer thigh which they said 3 locations! So can be $$$. But after one treatment looks smoother and smaller. Had to buy $40 more for compression... READ MORE

Velashape III Cellulite Reduction Body Sculpting - Elase Medical Spas in Draper, UT

For years, I have worn a swimsuit with a skirt, wrap, or shorts because of the cellulite on the back of my legs. Despite eating healthy and exercising, I just couldn't seem to get rid of the cottage cheese. Elase Medical Spas (in Utah) started offering the Velashape III body sculpting... READ MORE

Fit 35 Yrs Old Terriblw Cellulite on Arms. Panama, PA

I am a 35yr old mother of 4. I am also an avid runner, lift weights, and do yoga twice a week. I have terrible cellulite on the back of my arms and after much research decided to do 5 sessions of Velashape once a week. First ession was on Nov 19th. It did't hurt although it could really hot at... READ MORE

Velashape After Lipo - Orlando, FL

Had lipo n bbl done 1 year ago with dr Salama in Miami Florida , revision 3 months ago with same surgeon , surgeon recommended velashape treatments to smooth out results , so I inquired about a clinic close to my house , they had a deal for 10 for 750.00 so went ahead n got me a package ,... READ MORE

I Have the Worst Legs on the Planet. I'm 31. This Should Not Be Happening. New York, NY

So sometimes I think that maybe its not that bad and then I take a good look at my body. Its bad. I've completely messed it up. My skin quality is absolutely horrific. In my late teens when I should have been svelte and beautiful, I was 300lbs. Determined to lose the weight. I did. I lost 130... READ MORE

29 Married 2Kids NYC - Manhattan, NY

Ohmigod yes, Velashape is so good! after my second baby my body didn't have the same tightness I was used to especially in the midsection and thigh area. I am a certified Pilates instructor and have been a yoga practitioner for nearly a decade, I was also a dancer until college. I'm also a... READ MORE

Dang Ball of Fat - Manhattan, NY

I have this piece of fat on the side of my right thigh that is noticeable even through pants. I run I work out, the dang ball won't go away. As I was looking into SmartLipo, Velashape was suggested for both saddlebags. I've had three sessions so far and the ball has shrunk one inch. I'm still... READ MORE

Valeshape... So Far -

Hi, I had one 1/2 hr session on my belly for the first time last Saturday. My daughter 27, also had a session on the same area.People say it's painful, but that was not my experience. It was a bit uncomfortable but nothing worth writing home about. Later that night I leaned on my belly and it... READ MORE

Happy with my Results -Jefferson City, MO

I had a total of 6 sessions in March/April 2012 and had my upper arms, inside of my thighs and back of my thighs done. I lost a total of 3" off each arm and 4" off each thigh. Everyone that says the procedure is unbearable, I really believe it depends on the doctor doing the procedure. Mine had... READ MORE

VelaShape GAVE Me Cellulite - Montreal, QC

The absolute last thing I expected a cellulite treatment to do was give me cellulite, but that's what happened. I bought a promo voucher for a VelaShape treatment through Living Social. I really didn't have much cellulite and this wasn't something I was too concerned about, but I thought it... READ MORE

VellaShape Burns - Denver, CO

I am an extreamly active 35 year old female. I wear a size 4, 133pds, 5'6", medium shoulder frame. I have run in over 18 organized half marathons in the past 16 months. I had a 3 year old boy who stretched the skin on my belly by about an inch. I cannot physically get this skin... READ MORE

Waste of Time and Money

I did three treatments in conjunction with a trusculpt procedure. I didn't notice any significant results. I may have felt a little bit of temporary tightness from the velashape, but it's a stretch. Results were nothing that couldn't be handled cheaper by a dress shaper or some smooth move tea. ... READ MORE

Did Nothing. New York City, NY

Tried on my arms. Thin but have some loose skin and some cellulite. I had a groupon to try a session. They said you'd see results after one but would need to come back. I figured I'd wait and see if any slight change before I committed to a 2nd session. 3 months on still NO change. Painful... READ MORE

caused abdominal wall hernia - Delafield, WI

I had been going to Enhancing Light in Delafield for a couple years with huge success with various treatments on my face. So, I was pleased to refer my sister. She decided to get a Velashape done on her thighs. We decided to go together and I would have it done on my abdomen. The first visit,... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Vela Shape 3- Especially After Lipo - Newport Beach, CA

I recently had lipo with fat transfer with Dr. Nichter of the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Orange County. He recommended a session of vela shape 3 at the adjoining Biospa and I trust him very much so I signed up for 6 treatments spaced out over 6 weeks. I can't even stress how much... READ MORE

38 Year Old with Cellulite on Backs of Legs and Outer Thigh. Denver, CO

As a 38 year old who exercises regularly and eats very healthy I was disappointed when I was about to retire my bikini because the back of my legs and side of my thighs had cellulite. I was going on a family vacation and was feeling very uncomfortable in a bikini. After researching vela shape 3,... READ MORE

Got Botox - Denville, NJ

I was not happy and when I went back to Vibramce med spa the dr argued with me and tried to charge me more I will never go back. I will go back to dr peck he was awesome my Surgeon I own hair salon and customers are always right in this case he was saying he was right. Terrible... READ MORE

AMAZING & CARING DOCTOR!!! I Am in Shape but MD, Jason Emer Made Me Look PERFECT!! Beverly Hills, CA

I had three Vela Shape treatments for my chest, to tight my skin. The results are spectacular!!! MD Jason Emer is an awesome doctor, very caring, professional and friendly. He has a very human approach as he answered all my questions and made me feel very confident during the treatment. I didn't... READ MORE

The Velashape 3 is Much Better Than Earlier Versions. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Had a pooch on my belly since i could remember. now that i'm 50 I decided to check into options but i'm not a fan of surgery. Then, I came across Phyzique that had the new velashape 3. My friend owns a med spa and I got a treatment but their device was an older version. this new version seems... READ MORE

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