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Varicose to spider, this form of treatment helps reduce the appearance of enlarged veins. Common treatments often include sclerotherapy and lasers. LEARN MORE ›

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32 Year Old Mommy - 3 Kids - BULGING VEINS. Bonita Springs, FL

I joined RealSelf to learn about breast augmentation options (hence my name, haha) but I realized "oh wait I'm having vein surgery next week. I bet people might want to know about that!" :) Everyone in my mother's family and my mother have AWFUL varicose veins. I mean bad. I mean I wouldn't... READ MORE

Worst Mistake of my Life -Charlotte, NC

I had a bulging vein tuning down the middle of my forehead. I had several consultations assuring it would be safe to remove. When I went in for the procedure, a miracle happened and quickly turned into a disaster. My vein would not bulge. It's never done that before. The doctor said we were in... READ MORE

went to have spider veins removed and burned and blistered - Newport Beach, CA

On March 22, 2013, I went to Newport Beach MedSpa to have some superficial spider veins removed from the side of my nose. I was taken into the treatment room by the person who would be performing the treatment, Kathy Mohammadi. We spoke briefly - approximately 20 seconds while she face timed in... READ MORE

Male Varicose Vein Laser Treatment - Seattle

I am a guy who inherited varicose veins from his mother. Great. For a long time (up until my 30s) I lived with it, wearing long shorts to cover the bulging veins in my left leg. Eventually I grew tired of hiding it and decided to get a consultation to see what could be done, whether insurance... READ MORE

Woman with Swollen Legs and Varicose Veins

My legs have bothered me for a long time, the were swollen and the varicose and spider veins made me feel very self conscious and likewise uncomfortable. After being treated by Dr. Michael I feel like I have new legs that I'm proud to show off, the skin looks so much better and a lot of the... READ MORE

Treatment of Veins and Blood Vessels on my Face

I have seen Cindy now twice for treatment of red veins and blood vessels that appear on my face from normal aging. Cindy did a fantastic job! They have disappeared, making my skin look more even and blemish-free. I even had a broken capillary (somewhat close to my left eye) that had been... READ MORE

Dr. Lee Schulman

Dr Lee Schulman has been treating my bulging blue hand veins. he has done a fabulous job. I highly recommend this doctor. My hands look years younger. he is very friendly and takes his time to answer my questions. His office staff is professional and welcoming. Unlike a lot of medical offices,... READ MORE

The Best in Vascular Care - Commack, NY

Don't live with legs and feet your embarrassed of ! I'm with this practice 40 years. They are clean , careful and very caring I have really nice legs thanks to this Dr and his father . People may not realize that this is an upkeep , it's a treatment that you have to be committed tonwith your dr... READ MORE

This Was my 3rd Treatment with the Pro Yellow Laser

Growing up in the 70's on Catalina Island I was at the beach or outdoors all the time. Now at 54 I had so many broken blood vessels that my face looked red all the time...I wanted to fix this. I've tried the V beam laser which never gave me significant results. I saw the Pro Yellow Laser used... READ MORE

Worst Experience. Permanently Bruised Legs and Veins Got Worse! - Cincinnati, OH

I went to see Dr Zenni for superficial vein treatment. His office staff is extremely nice. His nurse was not. She was argumentative and sarcastic. Dr Zenni treated my legs which resulted in my veins getting worse ("blown out") and now, 5 months later, have permanent bruising. Horrible!... READ MORE

After Many Vein Treatments, I Finally Found One That Gave Me the Resuts I Wanted! - Cincinnati, OH

37 years old, 3 kids, needing vein treatment for superficial red & purple spider veins. I've been to no less than 6 doctors, 10 treaments, thousands of dollars spent. And I FINALLY FOUND ONE THAT WORKS! Don't waste your time going anywhere other than Dr. Kurtis Martin, & see Ashleigh -... READ MORE

41 Year Old Nurse, Mother of 2

I was having pain in my legs after working 12 hours and exercising. I went to Dr. Gardner wondering if there was anything that could be done. After ultra sound of my legs Dr. Gardner explained in great detail of why my legs were hurting. Dr. Gardner also had a video for me to watch to explain... READ MORE

Veininnovation Doing Procedures on People Who Dont Need ThemWoman with Venous Disease So They Say - Midtown, GA

My doctor referred me to VeinInnovations to see Dr. Perez because I having been having pain from running what a mistake Dr.Perez told me that I need to have 3ablations a month later and I have the ablations its now November and one my doctor told me I didnt need any surgeries and my legs feel... READ MORE

Embarrassed to Wear Shorts for over Twelve Years - Nashville, TN

I have been self-conscious of varicose and spider veins since college, but the birth of two children exacerbated the problem. Dr. Wendel truly cares and exhibits a high degree of compassion. He has the gift of making the patient feel comfortable and at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable and... READ MORE

Schulman Vein And Laser Center Dr. Lee Schulman

I had noticed spider veins and broken blood vessels on my legs. I was very self conscious about this. I stopped wearing dresses and skirts ,because I didn't want my legs exposed. I did my research, and went to Dr. Lee Schulman at the Schulman Vein and Laser Center on Park Ave. N.Y. I was very... READ MORE

Hand and Leg Vein Treatment - New York City, NY

I visited Dr. Schulmann twice. Both times he treated veins on my legs and hands. I was very happy with the results. He is kind and efficient. He clearly knows what he is doing and has a lot of experience. My hands look a thousand times better. The only drawback is that temporary bumps can... READ MORE

another horrible veingogh experience - dont do veingogh

My negative experience with Veingogh was similar to a few others, only the treatment was administered by a doctor, a vein specialist. I was treated for small broken capillaries under the eyes and around the mouth. Really quite minimal issues and the doctor said my concerns could easily be... READ MORE

Don't Do Veingogh - Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs AR surgery and vein, Dr. James Campbell. I had the veingogh procedure for facial capillaries. I was told there was no down time, and given no aftercare instructions. The day following the procedure I woke up expecting to see my capillaries gone, but instead woke to a face full of... READ MORE

Vnus Closure Procedure - Atlanta, GA

I've had vein reflux problem my entire life. Many years ago I had two surgeries done to try to repair the issue, but it only lasted so long. Now I didn't even have the expectation of solving that problem: I just wanted to go through Sclerotherapy and have my legs look nice. But I ended up... READ MORE

Body Check-vein Injection - Paramus, NJ

I have known Dr Baxt more than 20 years. During this time it has always been a pleasure to walk into her office. Her staff is not only friendly but quite professional. Dr. Baxt as we call her Saida, during a routine body check found a very small melanoma on my ankle. She guided me to a... READ MORE

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