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Varicose to spider, this form of treatment helps reduce the appearance of enlarged veins. Common treatments often include sclerotherapy and lasers. LEARN MORE ›

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32 Year Old Mommy - 3 Kids - BULGING VEINS. Bonita Springs, FL

I joined RealSelf to learn about breast augmentation options (hence my name, haha) but I realized "oh wait I'm having vein surgery next week. I bet people might want to know about that!" :) Everyone in my mother's family and my mother have AWFUL varicose veins. I mean bad. I mean I wouldn't... READ MORE

Goodbye Varicose Veins - San Francisco, CA

I was referred to Dr. Lee through a coworker who had the same surgery for varicose veins. I have lived with leg pain and swelling for years and thought it was just something that happened when you get older. I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner. The procedure was fast and easy, not to... READ MORE

Treatment of Broken Capillaries on the Face - Houston, TX

I had a few broken capilllaries under my nose that I had to cover up with concealer. I am dating a guy 22 years younger so I like to look good without make-up in the morning. I also had broken caps around my nose and on my nose and a few on the cheeks. I researched the different treatments and... READ MORE

I Want My Vein-Free Legs And Feet Back!!

Hello All! So I've been a member of RS for a couple years now. And wanted to document my second procedure (I have a very lengthy, extensive review of my Breast Augmentation with Dr. Bottger who I HIGHLY recommend!). This time around, I'm hoping to get some relief and rid my legs/ankles/feet of... READ MORE

Dr, Martin Shulman is Working Miracles on my Legs (Shulman Vein and Laser Center) - Commack, NY

I am currently about 2 1/2 months into treatment for my varicose veins with Dr. Martin Schulman and am already seeing results. I didn't realize how much they had changed until just this week I was looking through some photos from right about when I started. I had one particularly large vein on... READ MORE

38, No Kids, Post MWL - Pawtucket, RI

I finally decided to start treatment on my 20 year-old varicose veins. I had my initial consult at a vein treatment center in July 2016 followed up by a deep vein ultrasound a month later. After getting prescribed compression stockings and going through a one month trial with those, I was... READ MORE

Ugly Veins Around my Eyes GONE! - Coral Gables, FL

It took a lot of patients and research to find the right doctor and the right equipment to obtain the results I was looking for. I came across Dr. Patel on real self and I contacted his office immediately to ask about removing or sclerotherapy on the vein around my eye. I was educated over the... READ MORE

Looking to Have Vein Removal Surgery for Vericose Veins in my Leg - Florida, FL

Hello, I was looking for some information from other reviewers on this website about vericose vein removal. My questions are: 1) How painful is it? 2) Do I need time off of work? 3)How much is it without insurance? 4) Is there a posiblity that the problem will reoccur? 5) is it worth... READ MORE

Varicose Veins/Spider Veins From Pregnancy Gone! - Pasadena, CA

I had 2 children before coming back to New Body Cosmetic Surgery again in 2/2016 (please see my other reviews on 4 other procedures performed by Dr. Yoho), & with my pregnancies came varicose vein/spider vein problems like I had never experienced before. I had spoken with a couple of... READ MORE

laser leg vein treatment woww!!

So I had a bad experience with fraxel for my face but I didnt let it discourage me from trying a laser on my spider veins. I always had spider veins in my calfs even as a teen. After my pregnancies my spider veins got alot worse in my right leg. They are just extremely ugly to me only being 36... READ MORE

Looking Good and Pleased So Far. Commack, NY

I found the Schulman Vein and Laser Center in Commack online and without a referral from a friend or past patient. I read almost all reviews and found them to be consistent in nature. After trying sclera therapy in the past (10 txs) with no results I was willing to try again especially after... READ MORE

Staphenous Vein Stripping - Vancouver, BC

On march first i finally after 3 years had my varicose veins partially dealt with. They removed the great spahenous vein from surgery (stripping) but i still have those gross looking varicose veins showing. Next month i will be getting my first out of 3 injections which will then flatten and get... READ MORE

Bilateral Vein Removal Under Eyes / Temples

Dr. Guyuron is a highly skilled surgeon. I searched for a surgeon willing to remove the bilateral veins, located under my eyes and temples, for over 6 years. I found this wonderful surgeon through Real Self. The right side of my face had large blue veins that did protrude slightly and extended... READ MORE

Laser treatment on veins under eyes - San Diego, CA

I'm 25 years years old and have always had a single blue vein under each eye. The veins would always be visible no matter how much make up I applied. I was always self conscious of them, especially since I would receive comments from others about how I looked like I was bruised and even one... READ MORE

Female with Buldging Hand and Wrist Veins. Naples, FL

Im 36 years old. After the birth of my fifth child I developed very noticeable hand and wrist veins. So bad that I wore long sleeve even in the summer even in the Georgia heat.. No doctors in my home state would treat wrist veins. So I came to Realself to look for a doctor who would. I found Dr... READ MORE

Lots of Matting After Radiofrequency Ablation - Houston, TX

I had radiofrequency ablation on my left leg in October 2014. These dark spots formed near an area where a large varicose vein sat. They have not gone away. I still have numb and tingling sensations in this same area. Should I still be feeling discomfort? The vein specialist who conducted the... READ MORE

Leg Vein Stripped/removed by Surgery - United Kingdom

"You've got a really bad bruise on the back of your leg" I got so used to hearing this. In reality I had an ugly varicose vein that bulged and itched and I had removed by surgery. It was a quick, simple process under local anaesthetic. The scars have very much faded over the years and I wish... READ MORE

Cynthia Lewis-67 Year Old with Legs That Felt Heavy, Like They Had Weights on Them - Clarence, NY

I was tired of not being able to walk any distance and my legs aching all the time. My husband had such wonderful results with Dr. Karamanoukian, I felt that I also needed treatment for my veins. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and the treatment rooms are beautiful. The procedure went... READ MORE

Microphlebectomy V. Sclerotherapy (In my Opinion) - Wilmington, DE

I had microphlebectomy (vein removl) on my bulgng veins on frt of legs n around ankls. 1st trtmt was dne on frt of legs. 2nd trtmt 6/18 was dne around ankls. 1st trtmt lft me wth little scars tht r fading away n the 2nd trtment lft me wth no scars. My scars take lng too heal, I thk that it's jst... READ MORE

Great Doctor and Clinic - Niagara Falls, ON

I always hear laser was expensive.. and I didnt think I could ever afford it.. I was curious so I made a appointment. At Dr Kevin C smith clinic .. When I went to the Clinic its a very nice place the staff is very nice and answer all my questions by phone too .. The Doctor is very nice I asked... READ MORE

Disabled Veteran Who Needed Laser Surgitron - Brooklyn, NY

I have all my procedures at the Brooklyn NY Veterans hospital where my doctor works once a week as a Mohs surgeon. I have had over 50 surgeries for skin cancers on my face, neck,ears and hands. I ask my doctor Andrea Hui if she could do anything to get rid of the veins on my nose. She said they... READ MORE

Fabulous Doctor! Did Vein Removal Near Eyes - Cleveland, OH

I had prominent blue veins near both eyes and temples. Several other docs said they were too close to the eyes, also refused laser treatments. Dr. Guyaron didn't even blink! He did a tiny cut above and below the veins and removed them completely! He also did my migraine surgery and gave me my... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female with Varicose Veins in Both Legs

Dr. Chao has changed my life and my self esteem in so many ways! I am a 27 year old female who had varicose veins on both my left and right legs. I am not over weight, have never had children, so my legs did not match my age or my body. I was embarrassed to wear a dress or a skirt because I... READ MORE

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