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Vbeam is a laser designed to treat rosacea and birthmarks. It uses a cooling spray to help decrease the discomfort associated with treatment. LEARN MORE ›

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Great Vbeam

I've had multiple procedures over the years with different doctors to rid my face of the pesky spider veins that keep popping up... I've had electrodessication (Do not do this! It's not worth the risk; I got scarred from this and have been trying to rid the scars for the past 2 years.), v beam... READ MORE

2nd Laser Treatment of Facial Thread Veins in 5 Years - Richmond, VA

I'm 62, have pretty good, well-taken-care-of skin. However, I have a few minor thread veins on cheeks, around nose, and I don't like to wear concealer (I live in the very hot & humid SE coastal USA). Five years ago, I was referred by my dermatologist to a MD specializing in laser treatment.... READ MORE

Left Pitted and Scarred - Oakville, Ontario

My face was left with small holes, scars, and hyper pigmentation under the care of Dr Sapra (or lack of). After he sells you on the laser you will never see him again, instead you will be under the care of a "nurse" that has no education in dermatology and was trained by another nurse whom has... READ MORE

vbeam. New York, NY

Hi Ladies, I read several of your horrendous experiences at the dermatologist. I've had vbeam and it was great, my doctor is a lovely woman and personally I prefer a female dermatologist. It seems like you all got some rotten apples and nothing is worse than trusting a doctor and then being... READ MORE

Lightening Post-Plastic Surgery Scarring Via V-Beam Laser with Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery (Shannon the Aesthetician)

Serious complication from a brachioplasty with another plastic surgeon left my arms with hypertrophic and darker scars. You may read about the brachioplasty complication here: https://www.realself.com/review/ramsey-nj-arm-lift-flankplasty-breast-lift-body-lift-medial-thigh-lift Now more than... READ MORE

Rosacea Laser Treatment - Brisbane, AU

I suffer from Rosacea. Flushing and blushing, and background redness. I found out about Westside Dermatology at Taringa, QLD through an Internet search. They treat a range of conditions so have a look at their website to see what they specialise in. My experience was really good. Dr Davin Lim... READ MORE

It Works - Wellesly, MA

I have an crazy amount of spider veins & sun damage poikiloderma on my neck and chest area. I have had two rounds on neck & chest so far by 2 different doctors. The first was at Bentkover facial plastic surgery and let me say, stay clear of that practice. Their Vbeam isnt even at their own... READ MORE

Came Right Back - Los Angeles, CA

I had two sessions of vbeam for spider veins around my nose area. The first session was also done on the under eye area which caused obvious darkening of my melasma. The second session was only around the nose and it worked great until the veins came back two weeks later exactly the same. No... READ MORE

Assisted Me with Damage That Was Caused by Another Doctor. Rochester, NY

Assisted me with damage that was caused by another doctor. I was burned by a laser by physician in Buffalo and traveled to Rochester to have Dr. McMeekin assist with the ongoing redness. He used the V beam and was very caring also definitely not condescending or judgmental as some docs can be... READ MORE

Still Red/Purple Eleven Days After V-Beam Laser Treatment - Boston, MA

I had two red spots on the bridge of my nose, one on the tip of my nose, and a couple on each cheek. I went to a doctor affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital. I did my homework. I had a consultation, and a few weeks later one treatment. I was told that there would be bruising for... READ MORE

Bye Bye Redness - Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Blair and Kathy completed series of VBeam laser treatments on face and YAG laser treatments on nose for redness/broken capillaries. They are very committed to perfected results and will continue treatments until those results are achieved! ALL staff members are GREAT, very professional,... READ MORE

V-beam OSHU Portland Oregon

I have/had rosacea brought on my hormonal changes. I also have melasma and Heather Onoday did my rosacea treatment at OHSU health and healing. I have had her do this three times now. It was a great experience and she always answers all my questions and spends extra time with me. It has not... READ MORE

Amazing Results - New York

This is the only thing that has helped my rosacea and also any scars...recommended by Dr. Green. Incredible job and expertly conducted by Dr. Green with the help of her staff. Similar procedures have a significant recovery period before feeling comfortable going out in public. This is not the... READ MORE

V Beam for Rosacea (Mild to Medium) - Saved My Life - McLean, VA

First, before you read this lengthy review I just wanted to let you know that V Beam saved my life and brought me back from very dark (red) place I was sliding in. Im white female, 30 yoa. I was diagnosed with Rosacea about 2 years ago. My Rosacea was in mild to medium form - redness and... READ MORE

V Beam - So Worth It, Easy Recovery Time* - Westwood, CA

I started with this office based on 2 of my girlfriends faces. Each looked and felt smoother and tighter after treatments. I had uneven skin texture, blemishes and sun damage. Dr. Taheri knew immediately which treatment was needed for the problem areas, he also made sure the reaction to the... READ MORE

Say Good Buy to Unsightly Facial Redness-Dr.Brock Ridenour - Saint Louis, MO

Dr Ridenour and his staff are exemplary. I elect to take the time out of my extremely busy professional and personal life to travel over 500 miles so that I can take advantage of their differentiated expertise. Dr Ridenour is both a scientist and artist, with outstanding credentials. He and... READ MORE

Persistent Redness on Left Cheek - New York, NY

I've had a persistent red patch on my cheek that, despite my best efforts, has not gone away. My dad has very ruddy, red skin, and although he still looks great, i want to do the best i can to not look like that. My dermatologist highly recommended V-Beam. It barely hurt and I have minor redness... READ MORE

Redness / Burst Blood Vessels on Cheeks

Didn't Work. Vbeam laser, might not have been strong enough, although my redness is from prior inquiries. I read Qswitch may be better at a lower strength or double pass on switch and v-beam. These treatments really should be cheaper, only a nurse, 10 mins and $300. x 2 I read you can buy a... READ MORE

Not for Facial Veins! - Fresh Meadows, NY

I wanted to treat my many nose and cheek veins and as I got older my rosacea seemed to be getting worst. Everywhere I turned V-beam seemed to be the state of the art. Not far from where I live in Queens NY there is a highly rated clinic so I went there. 8 somewhat painful treatments - no... READ MORE

Red Discolorations from Acne Scars - Crest Hill, IL

I've had the VBeam laser about 4 times now. In various spots all over my face to treat red spots left behind from acne. This laser is wonderful! I go to Dr. Matthew Kelleher at Premier Dermatology in Crest Hill, IL (also has a Naperville office). He is SO great and experience. The laser feels... READ MORE

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