Tumescent Liposuction

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A body contouring lipo technique that can help speed up recovery time and may increase positive results. LEARN MORE ›

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I was supposed to get a tummy tuck but decided to do the lipo first.....I have two children, strecth marks and just a gross fat belly. The recovery was not that bad, a bit uncomfortable but well worth it. READ MORE

I'm 30 years old, 5'3, 144 lbs. I am having my upper and lower stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, and arms done. Current Measurements are: Under bust 31" Waist 33" hips 38" Thighs 25 left-25 right Arms 11.5 left -12 right Knees 18.5... READ MORE

My experience at Vita Surgical Group in Washington, DC was exceptional. The staff was excellent and Dr. Henok Araya, MD was a professional in every sense. I am more than pleased with my liposuction procedure and I highly recommend anyone interested in body contouring to seek the services of Vita... READ MORE

Dr. Fox performed tumescent liposuction on my abdomen and hips. She has also consulted with me and my wife about other procedures. Her impressive knowledge absolutely reflects the many years of training and practice that she has done. She is very personable, professional and does a fantastic... READ MORE

Dr. Voss was a delight. Not only was she personable, but she was efficient, professional, and straight to the point. She made me feel at ease, she told me what I needed to hear, not what I WANTED to hear. in other words, she was truthful. she gave me very contoured thighs. I got my outer and... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I 'm having lipo of full abdomen flanks and outter thighs i have 2 children have never been overweight excercise but have some problem areas, having procedures donde the 15th so 3 days to go and feeling very nervous, dont know what to expect is going to be my first time doing any... READ MORE

Everything is healing as described and it looks great! My swelling was down by roughly 85% in the first week and the bruising diminished just as quickly! I wish I had gotten more areas done if i knew it was goingcto be as easy as it was. The hardest part was finding a ride home! Dr. Park is awesome. READ MORE

I must say that I am very pleased with my results. I thought that I would never get rid of this stomach. For years I have been trying all kind of weight loss products and even working out. Although I did lose some weight, but the stomach never went away. This year I was fed up and was determined... READ MORE

#1: The doctor is nice, but he IS NOT Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. He is certified, but not to perform plastic surgery. I am a honest person and would not intentionally slam a provider, given I work in the medical setting. I'm heartbroken that I trusted this provider to perform a... READ MORE

This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself! I had my flanks and upper abdomen done through the awake liposuction and I was surprised how little pain and down time I experienced. I feel more confident and I'm excited for the continued results! Dr. Hiers and her staff are absolutely... READ MORE

I'm excited that my husband finally agreed to let me finish what I started 15 years ago. 15 years ago, I had a tummy tuck. Unfortunately the doctor I used only did my bottom stomach. He left my top stomach (muffin top), flanks, and back rolls. Even though the bottom maintained, I still did... READ MORE

I have been fit and slender all my life. I take good care of my health and body, eating a mostly organic plant based diet with the occasional detour and exercising regularly. As menopause kicked in I was at my ideal super slim weight. Four years into the journey and I had acquired a serious tire... READ MORE

I was always very thin but then gain excessive weight on my stomach after my 2 nd pregnancy 2 years ago. after dieting and millions of sit ups i still could not get rid of it. So I decided to get lipo.My lower belly still looks the same 5 days after lipo.I had Tumescent Liposuction on my upper... READ MORE

Hey. So I got my procedure done yesterday. So far all is going well. I know everyone might say that it is too early to tell, but I feel great. The dr. And his staff were amazing. I am in a bit of pain now that the tumescent fluid is draining out. And I am draining quite a bit. But over all is... READ MORE

- no vitals are taken prior to and post procedure - no explanation of medications prescribed including type of medication, dosage, etc - no marking of surgical site - ambulatory or is old and run down - no surgical post-op supplies/patient must supply gauze etc - poor pain management; felt every... READ MORE

I went to Dr Namdiri for tt consult. He told me I had a double pannus and it would be too dangerous to do a tt. He told me large volume liposuction would give me good results. He showed me after pictures and I again asked him that it would take care of my mid section that I wanted taken care of... READ MORE

Seeking a doctor that does Tumescent liposuction for Lipedema patients and they accept insurance. Willing to pay some portion of this but I would also need a consultation for better determination. Accepting all suggestions for doctors in the Maryland, DC, and VA areas. Had previous surgeries... READ MORE

I have never considered myself fat, obese or overweight. However I have always had a little bit of a wobbly belly which has made me very self conscious. I had previously tried to get rid of my excess fat through exercise and diet (I am a strict vegan and ex International athlete), but with... READ MORE

Very competitive pricing, but I would not chose them for anything that required an artistic touch. What I needed was very basic and minimal so for the great price I chose Dr Bedford who did a fine job but did not have good bedside manner. You are awake for the procedure! At first I loved this... READ MORE

Help! I'm 38 Years old and is have lipo done on my stomach and bra line. I'm very nervous and want the best results possible. Has anyone used Dr. Sergey Voskin from Brooklyn NY? Were you happy with his work and results? Was going to change my mind and do smart lipo intstead, but was told... READ MORE

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