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27 y/o - No Kids - Upper and Lower Abdomen Liposuction

Over the last 5+ years, I've lost 60 lbs (went from 200 lbs to 140 lbs), but NONE of the weight lost came from my midsection whatsoever. My arms and legs thinned out, but my waist measurement (36-37") remained in abdominal obesity territory. I live in Japan, and decided to get liposuction here... READ MORE

23, No Kids. Upper/lower abs, hips and sides

My procedure is in 4 days and time is switching between passing too fast and not passing fast enough. I don't think I've ever been this nervous in my life. I've been wanting to do this even before it was legal for me to do it. When I turned 18 I poked around only to find it was way out of my... READ MORE

Getting ready for my Twenty FINE , its about time!

For the past couple of years I've contemplated getting this procedure done. I've always had a problem with my weight-im not only tall but I am thick as well and Ive always been referred to as the big girl and been put down about my weight. I've tried so many things over the years and failed. I... READ MORE

28, Tumescent Lipo of Upper/Lower Abdomen and Flanks

After a great consult with Dr. Weiss, I've decided to schedule my procedure with him. It's for 4/20/17 and I'm more excited than ever. I didn't wan to go overboard, I just want to contour my problem areas. I'm using this procedure to kick off (and stick with) a strength training regime. Wish me... READ MORE

32 Yo Contouring After Anti Depressant Weight Gain

Easy enough procedure but a week in still in pain. Def recommend staying at home for a whole week. Make sure someone helps make food. Already see the difference. Wish I did it sooner :) however I will be waiting to do my next procedure so I can take a full week off from work. I'm very pleased... READ MORE

44 Years Old Tumescent Liposuction 3 C Sections In Lots of Pain

I had my upper and lower abs as well as love handles done on May 1st, I am on day 4 and in still a lot of pain, is this normal? I am able to walk around hunched over but getting up and down out of a chair or bed is incredibly painful. (and very slow) I feel like I have been hit by a train and... READ MORE

Liposculpture: Just Wanting my Old Body Back - Houston, TX

I was a very fit person and had a great body (10 years ago) when I started working I did not had the time to exercise and even though I tried to eat as good as possible I still gain some pounds. I went from been 105 to 146. Just 2 years ago I got a job that gives me the time to exercise, but I... READ MORE

36 y/o getting lipo on 4/27/17 of full abdomen, flanks, and lateral back

I gained 40 lbs. in less than a year when I was taking antidepressants/SSRI's. Before this significant weight gain I worked out 5-6 days a week incorporating weights, and cardio/dancing. I would say that I was a lot more confident about myself and my body then. Although I no longer take... READ MORE

23, lipo to Abdomen,flanks and Back. Not Sure if Am Satisfied About my Result Yet

Had my liposuction 3/20/17. I have always been insecured about my body even when I was small.I didn't have that hour glass shape which I have always wanted and my belly fat especially the lower pouch flat,even with several sit ups and exercise,i couldn't get rid of it. Hopefully liposuction... READ MORE

Chin, Abs, Flanks, and Back

I just go the procedure yesterday. I was under local anesthetic. This means that I was awake and under pain killers. During the procedure, I watched a movie with a headset that looked like VR headset. I did not feel pain during the procedure because there was a nurse assisting the doctor who... READ MORE

25 Years Old Getting Liposuction on Abdominal Walls, Flanks and Thighs

Hello ladies (and gentlemen) I just want to start by saying how helpful this site and the reviews have been in my research on liposuction. That is why I have decided to share my experience with people who are thinking on having plastic surgery.I am getting liposuction on my stomach, flanks and... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, No Kids - Stubborn Fat Abdomen, Hips, Thighs - Ridgefield, CT

I have been thinking about having this procedure for years. I lost 40-45lbs after starting college, but I always had a little pooch. Long story short over the last 4-5 years I gained the weight back and inches, too! I looked up Dr. Goldman (he had done a different procedure on me in 1999) and... READ MORE

26 Years Old and Ready for a Flat Tummy and Small Waist!

I'm so excited and I can hardly wait! My procedure is schedule for March 2nd at 7am. I will be getting tumescent lipo 360 so that will include my upper, lower abs, loves handles, bra roll, and armpit fat if you will!! I will definitely be uploading photos for you all to see. Please feel free to... READ MORE

Dr Thomas Su Helps 40 Y/o with Too Many Curves - Tampa, FL

I'm a 40 year old female with one child who has had thick knees and love handles that I just couldn't get rid of despite years of exercise and a healthy diet. I've had these ever since my early 20's. I finally got the nerve up to try liposuction. I know that this isn't a weight loss program... READ MORE

Lipo Was Best Bday Present

Hey guys I'm 37 2 yrs ago I did cool sculpting that's was a waste of my money and I think it should be classified as false advertisement. So I again I've been going to the gym eating clean but my kangaroo pouch still existed so I finally decided to take the next step and go for liposuction. I... READ MORE

32 year old ready for my suction party!

Time to get my suction on! 32 year old mama of 3, 5ft2 54kg, ready to suck the life out of those terrible problem areas! Doing entire stomach, sides/love handles and saddlebags/outer thighs in 12 hours time. Feels a bit surreal, had first consult with my PS 2 weeks ago, and boom.... here we go.... READ MORE

My experience with the doctor and his team was amazing...

Hi guys I had a few dolls in my inbox yesterday wanting to find out about my journey as Luis Alberto Mejia live doll. First and foremost Dr,Mejia is incredible, amazing, caring and very loving he is a profectionist at his work his team is Fabulous they have not leave my side for a minute his... READ MORE

37 Year Old with Gobbler Chin

Had a gobbler all my life thanks to the gifts of genetics. I'm taking a leap and looking into surgery options. I would love to do liposuction using the tumescent technique for my chin area. Thanks to this forum I know I do that want a necklift due to cost. I do have a consultation set up with Dr... READ MORE

28 Yo No Kids Lipo to Abdomen Flanks & Bra Strap - Houston, TX

My procedure with Dr Hennessy was great!! I was very nervous going in but he calmed me and assured everything would be fine! I got lipo to my abdomen flanks & bra strap & it's a HUGE difference! My stomach is a little wrinkly from trapped fluids but he suggested a massage therapist &... READ MORE

29 Years Old, One Kid 5 Years Old

Today was the big day, doctor testa was the best doctor ever, he was really patient, concern about me all the time, inna the assistant was really nice, she gave me like 3 teas to get me calm. i was very nervious, happy,... i dont know.. to be honest many feelings at the same time. when I get... READ MORE

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