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Tumescent liposuction is a body-sculpting procedure that injects a large volume of fluid with local anesthetic and adrenaline into the tissue. This process shrinks capillaries, which reduces bleeding, and hardens fat, making it easier to remove. It is the preferred method of nearly all plastic surgeons performing liposuction, as it also reduces recovery time. LEARN MORE ›

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Finally Got the Courage to Do This: Upper/lower abs, outer thighs, hips and flanks

Me: 30 yrs old No kids 5 7" 147 lbs I've tried: iLipo, Zerona and cryotherapy in the past for problem areas: Abdomen and flanks with minimal results. I've gained a few pounds over the course of last year and now my outer thighs are bigger so I decided to give lipo a try. The procedure is in a... READ MORE

I Chose McAdoo to Deliver Me a Tiny Waist After Reading All the Reviews Here - Aventura, FL

I will be traveling to Miami next weekend to get liposuction of back, flanks and waist. I will also redo my tummy. He seems to be really good with the BBL but I already have a natural large behind and think that if he removes the fat in the surrounding area I can look as if I had a bbl without... READ MORE

33 Years Old Going to Have a Bbl Procedure Done at Vanitas Aesthetics in Orlando Florida

Can't wait to get rid of of the fat around my abdomen! I had went to many consultations and they did not pressure me to do anything and let my ask questions without being rushed. I'm so exited to be able to have this done finally! I'm doing this finally!! I am a mother of four and married for 4... READ MORE

36 Years Old 2 Previous C-Sections. Ready to Lose The Pouch - Atlanta, GA

I am 36 years old, post 2 previous C-Sections. I have light stretch marks, "hangover" from the two previous c-sections. I have been dreaming of a tummy tuck for the past 10 years. My oldest is going on 11 years old. I've watched numerous you tube videos of the procedure. In the last two months... READ MORE

Liposuction Abdominal, Waist, Hips, Thighs - Tampa, FL

So obviously the cool sculpting did not work for me. The thunder thighs remained and I really did not see a difference at all. The whole thing was very disappointing to me. The pain, tingling and numbness took at least 8 months to resolve. Next step, I did a lot of research and spoke to many... READ MORE

28 No Kids

Hi! So I'm 5'9 no kids. Starting wait 220 waist 36 inches. I had lipo through American Lipo Centers in Dallasn Tx less than a week ago and the experience was pretty bad. First I met with Debbie for my consultation and she was just very rude. She asked me my age, and I responded 28. She... READ MORE

Much Needed Liposuction Abdomen&Flanks

Hi RS people! So after reading months and months of reviews of Liposuction results, I pulled the trigger and did it! I'm four days out now and still really sore on my back and flanks. The first night was so, so painful and the next day. I could barely move and especially changes positions was... READ MORE

38 yrs old, 2 children, lipo on flanks, abdomen, and bra/back roll

I researched several doctors and consulted with several. I found reviews and credentials for Dr. Liland online. He was very direct and to the point and answered all the questions I had which I appreciated very much. I read through several of his patients' reviews and felt that it was the best... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mother of 3, Smart Lipo

I underwent tumescent liposuction procedure with Doctor Goodman in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. After extensive research I chose Dr. Goodman because of his aesthetic skill, substantial experience and positive experience with support staff. He has a video on his site that was exactly how my... READ MORE

29, 2 Kids. Wanted a More Trimmed Midsection

I've wanted lipo for sometime now. I'm a slender girl with an athletic build but I had some excess fat around my waist and my love handles were always bothering me. I found Dr. Long after researching several doctors. I liked his price and his work and the fact that I didn't have to be put under... READ MORE

27 y/o - No Kids - Upper and Lower Abdomen Liposuction

Over the last 5+ years, I've lost 60 lbs (went from 200 lbs to 140 lbs), but NONE of the weight lost came from my midsection whatsoever. My arms and legs thinned out, but my waist measurement (36-37") remained in abdominal obesity territory. I live in Japan, and decided to get liposuction here... READ MORE

23, No Kids. Upper/lower abs, hips and sides

My procedure is in 4 days and time is switching between passing too fast and not passing fast enough. I don't think I've ever been this nervous in my life. I've been wanting to do this even before it was legal for me to do it. When I turned 18 I poked around only to find it was way out of my... READ MORE

Getting ready for my Twenty FINE , its about time!

For the past couple of years I've contemplated getting this procedure done. I've always had a problem with my weight-im not only tall but I am thick as well and Ive always been referred to as the big girl and been put down about my weight. I've tried so many things over the years and failed. I... READ MORE

28, Tumescent Lipo of Upper/Lower Abdomen and Flanks

After a great consult with Dr. Weiss, I've decided to schedule my procedure with him. It's for 4/20/17 and I'm more excited than ever. I didn't wan to go overboard, I just want to contour my problem areas. I'm using this procedure to kick off (and stick with) a strength training regime. Wish me... READ MORE

43 Year-Old Male Getting Chin, Waist and Chest Lipoed, on Taltz (ixekizumab), an Immunosuppressant

My procedure is actually later today, on the 12th. The system just didn't let me put the same day. Anyway, my story is that I was pretty heavy since my mid-20s. Then about 5 years ago I get serious about my health and lost about 60 pounds. I have been able to keep it off, but there are some... READ MORE

32 Yo Contouring After Anti Depressant Weight Gain

Easy enough procedure but a week in still in pain. Def recommend staying at home for a whole week. Make sure someone helps make food. Already see the difference. Wish I did it sooner :) however I will be waiting to do my next procedure so I can take a full week off from work. I'm very pleased... READ MORE

44 Years Old Tumescent Liposuction 3 C Sections In Lots of Pain

I had my upper and lower abs as well as love handles done on May 1st, I am on day 4 and in still a lot of pain, is this normal? I am able to walk around hunched over but getting up and down out of a chair or bed is incredibly painful. (and very slow) I feel like I have been hit by a train and... READ MORE

Liposculpture: Just Wanting my Old Body Back - Houston, TX

I was a very fit person and had a great body (10 years ago) when I started working I did not had the time to exercise and even though I tried to eat as good as possible I still gain some pounds. I went from been 105 to 146. Just 2 years ago I got a job that gives me the time to exercise, but I... READ MORE

36 y/o getting lipo on 4/27/17 of full abdomen, flanks, and lateral back

I gained 40 lbs. in less than a year when I was taking antidepressants/SSRI's. Before this significant weight gain I worked out 5-6 days a week incorporating weights, and cardio/dancing. I would say that I was a lot more confident about myself and my body then. Although I no longer take... READ MORE

Dr Thomas Su is the One

First i want to thank ScubaRN who has left a detailed review here on realself about her experience with Dr. Thomas Su. Her detailed review and continued correspondence with everyone that asks a question of her has led me right to his office, as well as returning the favor to the realself readers... READ MORE

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